How to Handle Labor Pain Naturally

Mom-Tested Techniques from a Mom of 8

The Smart Mama's Guide to Handling Labor Pain Naturally walks you through how to handle what labor brings - naturally.  You'll know exactly:
  • How to handle labor pain
  • What to do in early labor
  • What to do as things start to get more intense
  • How to handle transition (without an epidural)

This video/audio class covers what to do to reduce or stop pain all together, how to get a slow labor moving, and how your birth partner can help you through it all.  

Helpful handouts tell you exactly what to expect during each stage of labor - and what to do to stay calm and confident through it all.

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Practical Techniques

These really work (really fast) to manage labor pain

What Contractions REALLY Feel Like

And what to expect from the start to the finish of your baby's birth

What to do if You "Lose It"

Exactly what to do if you "lose it" during labor (hint: it's not yell for the epidural)

Which Techniques Banish Pain

(and which are totally useless) - these worked for me and for the hundreds of moms I've helped!

What my customers are saying

"I read some books and took some other online classes/webinars that complimented it but I was very glad you provided such helpful info for a reasonable price.  I really wanted to give birth naturally and did research about where to find information on how to get through the pain of labor.  


Having never given birth at the time of watching the class, it was reassuring to learn concrete ways to achieve this.  I recommend your website to any of my friends who become pregnant and are interested in a natural birth.  


Thanks for your wonderful courses, blog, and podcast!  FYI - I have birth to my son naturally last June.  I keep receiving your emails since I plan to have more kids in the future.”


New mom

"I'm committed to having a natural birth because I believe it's best for me and the baby. But I didn't know exactly where to start with mental and emotional and physical preparation for labor.


My baby isn't due until early 2021, so I have a lot of time to practice what I learned. My husband watched the class with me and the information you presented confirmed a lot of what we'd read in other sources as well as gave us new ideas for preparing together for welcoming our baby together. I really loved how the class included my husband as part of my support team.


Thanks for all you do! You are an encouragement to me as I look forward with mixed anxiety and hope to the big day!"


Expectant mom

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