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​​You Are What You Eat 

Why Your Pregnancy Diet Advice is All Wrong
What you eat makes a difference to your baby! Lily shares 5 surprising pregnancy diet facts that will help you[...]
What to Eat to Boost Your Breast Milk Supply
Your milk IS what you eat! In this podcast I tell you how to eat to boost your breast milk[...]
What's Luck Got to Do With Healthy Pregnancy?
Women today are given the impression that a healthy pregnancy is all about luck... ...that they're just lucky if they[...]

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​What You Need to Know Going Into Labor​

What Nobody Tells You About Cesarean Section
Staggering numbers of women will give birth through cesarean section this year - but nobody talks about the dangers of[...]
4 Month Old Baby Phoenix Update!
Here's the long-awaited update on how Phoenix is doing!  I talk about his nap schedule, what we're doing for diapers,[...]
Are We Blaming Women for the Cesarean Epidemic?
The cesarean epidemic is close to out of control, and it seems that nobody wants to step in and make[...]
How to Get YOUR Kids to Sleep Infographic
Sleep is an essential part of emotional and mental health throughout your life, but it's especially important for your kids,[...]
Real Mom's Stories: Natural Birth Stories, Hospital Birth Stories, Home Birth Stories, Water Birth Stories, and More!
Natural birth stories are a lot of fun to read! Check out these 138 honest stories from real moms, organized[...]
How to Relax During Labor and Really Enjoy Your Birth with Sarah Prince
Do you want to enjoy your birth but worry about pain during labor? Secretly wonder if you don't have what[...]
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