Question for you...

What if you could:

Give birth to a healthy baby

Be in complete control the entire time

Have a deeply satisfying birth experience, and...

Start to feel physically better and more confident about your pregnancy and birth in a matter of days?

Question for you...

What if you could:

Give birth to a healthy baby

Be in complete control the entire time

Have a deeply satisfying birth experience, and...

Start to feel physically better and more confident about your pregnancy and birth in a matter of days?

Or, let me rephrase that...

What if, in a matter of days, you could start a transformation that would mean everything your baby?

One that would prepare you to be a healthy mama, ready to give birth naturally - with...

...a much lower chance of complications - which means...

...a more confident you - not just during birth, but after, too.

One that would give you a richer, more abundant milk supply, help you feel calmer, happier, and primed for a great postpartum...

If you want to learn how...

...Keep reading

Here's the problem...

You know that in order to have a successful natural birth you want - no, need - someone to "hold your hand."

But you're constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like...

  • Where do I find answers to questions I don't even know how to ask?
  • Who has "personal and professional" experience I can trust?
  • How can I stay in control of what happens to MY body?
  • How do I actually "handle" contractions?
  • How do I overcome worry that I'm "feeling foolish" for asking these kinds of questions?

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine?


Calm and Confident about labor and delivery

...Knowing what to do (and when to do it) Enjoying every part of the birthing experience

In control of what happens to YOUR body

Having the Right birthing coach just a call or text away!  This is GOLD!

Being healthy and physically prepared...

...doing the mental, emotional, and spiritual work..

...knowing what to do "differently this time"

...Feeling more confident about "this natural birth thing" than ever before

If you want to become one of the OVER 2,000 "Smart Mamas" who learned to take control of their prenatal to postpartum natural birth experience--the"easy way", then I have something for you...


MamaBaby Birthing®

A step-by-step, personalized

Natural Birthing Program

that teaches you how to prepare for and be IN CONTROL of a safe, successful natural birth, without medications!

(Feel better in a matter of days and watch your confidence soar!)

Rebecca had a confident, peaceful water birth with her first baby.

"I've just given birth 100% drug-free & intervention-free!"

I just wanted to thank you for your online childbirth classes.  I've just given birth 100% drug-free & intervention-free!  Not even a vaginal Exam!  I had a beautiful water birth and this was my first baby.  I know I would not have had the confidence to have done it this way without having done your course so that you for what you do... You are doing such an important job empowering and enlightening women on being able to trust in birth and their bodies to be able to birth their babies.  As a result, I have one gorgeous calm & alert little baby.  Thanks again."

Michelle had a fast, empowering
hospital birth.

I want to thank you for all the work you put into your birthing class, to empower woman to take control of their bodies and their experience. This was by far the "best" birth experience I have had, out of my 3 births. It wasn't perfect, but I stayed calm and in control the whole time. I got to give birth on my hands and knees, in the peaceful darkness of my room (the OB didn't make it to my birth, or else I wouldn't have had this), AND they delayed little Graces cord clamping. Thank you for all your help providing research for my OB! I couldn't be happier!"


Here's How It All Breaks Down

Module 1: MamaBaby Pregnancy - Get Physically Prepared for Childbirth

  • Pregnancy Diet Essentials (hint: most pregnancy diet advice is wrong!)
  • Grocery Grab (I show you EXACTLY what healthy portion sizes look like for the meal plan)
  • Pregnancy Diet Handouts (easily keep track of what you eat so you know your baby is getting what s/he needs)
  • Pregnancy Exercise Essentials that keep you feeling great now - and fit for labor & delivery
  • Rest & Relaxation Essentials (stress relief, relaxation, and handouts on those "need-to-know but were afraid to ask" - like lovemaking in pregnancy!)

Module 2: Childbirth Basics for You and Your Partner

  • What you (and your birth partner) need to know about childbirth
  • Choices vs. Skills vs. Knowledge
  • Three roles in birth (doctor/midwife vs. birth partner vs. mom - and why you MUST understand this to have safe, smooth birth)
  • Birthing behaviors (different ways women cope with labor and how to stick to what keeps you in control!)
  • The stages of labor and birth (from a holistic perspective)
  • Baby’s journey through birth (how your baby experiences birth)
  • Dilation and Effacement (video demo of how this works)

Module 3: Tools to Practice & Prepare for Giving Birth

  • How your body opens during birth (and how to keep that happening smoothly)
  • Breathing techniques (hint: this can keep you in control from the first contraction to baby-in-arms)
  • Touch Language (absolutely essential for your birthing partner!)
  • Your pelvis (MANY women worry their pelvis isn’t “big enough” - I give you straight talk on how to make room)
  • Relaxation - how your partner can help you with it during labor (without you wanting to bite his head off!)
  • A video guide to your pelvis (I use a model to show you exactly how the baby moves through so you feel completely confident)

Module 4: Practical, Mom-Tested Techniques for Natural Childbirth

  • Why you need skills for birth (and exactly what they are)
  • The top tools and techniques that have helped my students during labor
  • Positions for giving birth (includes full-color handouts for your partner)
  • The focus of birthing (this mental prep tip will keep you on track throughout your entire labor)
  • The secret to handling prodromal labor (what to do if you don't know if "this is it?!"
  • Preparing for a successful VBAC

Module 5: Understanding and Avoiding Interventions

  • Understanding interventions (when they're needed - and when they're NOT)
  • How to avoid induction
  • Informed Consent (what that means in childbirth and why it's an important tool)
  • Staying healthy and low-risk (so you avoid birth complications that could derail your natural birth)
  • Avoiding unnecessary cesareans and major interventions

Module 6: Creating Your Birth Plan and Harnessing the Secret Power of Birthing Hormones

  • Build a birth plan that works to get you the birth you want (hint: trendy birth plans look cute but often don't get the attention they should)
  • Remove your fears about birth and parenting long before the contractions begin
  • Visualizing your baby's birth (this powerful technique is used by champion athletes - it works!)
  • Exactly when to go to the hospital or call the midwife
  • Why hormones are the key to natural pain relief - and a smooth, gentle birth for your baby (hint: I cover exactly how hormones work and how you can keep them high no matter where you're giving birth)
  • Stepping into your birthing power (the odds are in your favor that you WILL have a natural birth - this lesson gets you ready for an amazing, transformative birth... launch into motherhood with confidence!)

What Makes MamaBaby Birthing® Different?

MamaBaby Birthing® is the first program of its kind that combines both step-by-step online classes with personal support.

The end result is a "prenatal to postpartum" curriculum that every mama wishes she knew about before her first baby was born!

When you enroll in MamaBaby Birthing, you're greeted with a live support call with a small group of other moms-to-be.

I personally connect with you to understand:

  • Where you are in pregnancy
  • What your birth plans are, and
  • How I can best support you throughout your pregnancy

Then, every month, I host a LIVE video group calls so you can ask and get direct answers to all of your questions (dial-in support, including international numbers, is included if you prefer to call into the sessions).

You also have the chance to hear the latest, evidence-based information on natural childbirth and newborn care.

You get this support throughout your pregnancy.

You can come LIVE to the call or email your questions in and get the replay link with answers delivered straight to your inbox.

I'll address any concerns you may have and I will help you feel confident that you've covered the right resources within MamaBaby Birthing®.

You will feel encouraged, supported, safe, and confident as your baby's birthday approaches!

Take a peek at two of my favorite components of MamaBaby Birthing®:

image of MamaBaby Birthing course modules

Jennifer felt calm and fearless during her first baby's home birth.

My little Aria Claire was born at home on September 11 four days ago. It was a wonderful experience. As soon as she was out, I was ready to do it all over again. :) I took the MamaBaby Birthing class during pregnancy. It helped this first-time mom feel so prepared and even excited about my birthing time. I had no fear during any part of labor.

I actually reviewed the birthing techniques audio lesson while working through some intense "back labor."

mom leans on birth ball during labor

My husband and I found the most effective way for him to apply counter pressure was by literally sitting on my tailbone. Our midwife found that amusing. :)

All the preparation and work was so worth it.

Thank you for the work you do. Please keep changing the world by helping mamas and babies!


Join MamaBaby Birthing® Today!

Two Support Levels:

MamaBaby Birthing®

Classic Option

1. Entire MamaBaby Birthing® Course

that outlines my exact step-by-step system for preparing for a confident natural childbirth.

2. Group Q&A Calls

two monthly calls cover course materials and general pregnancy and birth questions.

MamaBaby Complete®

Live Option

1. Entire MamaBaby Birthing® Course

that outlines my exact step-by-step system for preparing for a confident natural childbirth.

2. Group Q&A Calls

two monthly calls cover course materials and general pregnancy and birth questions.

3. Private 1-Hour Call with Kristen

we'll connect privately so you get full, customized guidance for your unique pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.

4. Nine Months of Voxer (Voice Messaging App) Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Access to Kristen

get personalized support for all of your pregnancy, birth, and mothering questions - right when you need it and as often as you need it!

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3 Payments of $397

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Sam had a quick, easy third birth after a traumatic first birth and an emergency c-section for her second birth.


Super quick message.

My baby boy was born yesterday morning.

Amazing !!! Had him in our birth pool, I did it !!!!

Thank you for your was all there. I drew on so much from you. It was truly a conscious birth. I thought my way through all of it. I was PRESENT I stayed with my baby. We worked together. I didn't forget or ignore that he was there or what I was doing this for. My scar never hurt me at all , so my body let me know all was fine and I was able to let that go completely and just concentrate on my work.

Much love and blessings to you.

newborn baby boy


Kristen with Phoenix in a baby carrier

About Your Childbirth Coach

Hi, I'm Kristen!  It's nice to meet you :D 

I've been writing and teaching about natural birth for over 15 years, and I've had my own eight babies naturally (that's Phoenix, #8, in the picture with me).

Each was an incredible experience that taught me a lot - and left me with a passion for helping mamas have healthy babies and wonderful births.

I've assisted at more than two dozen births, attended hundreds of prenatal appointments, and have helped thousands of mamas through my online childbirth course and coaching.  

I'm thrilled to be a little part of your birthing and mothering journey!

image of kristens signature

You Have Questions...

I have answers...

What is a natural childbirth class?

A natural childbirth class is a class that focuses on preparing you for a vaginal childbirth without medications or unnecessary interventions such as labor induction. MamaBaby Birthing classes focus on keeping you healthy throughout pregnancy, which means your body is ready for labor and your baby is strong and healthy. The classes build on this solid foundation with information about labor and birth, how it progresses, and how your body opens. The class covers solid techniques for keeping labor moving, what to do about labor pain, and how to have a safe birth for your baby. Bonding, overcoming anxieties, good baby positioning, trusting your body, and more are also covered in our online natural birthing classes.

I’m using a midwife and/or planning a home birth – why do I need birthing classes?

Choosing a midwife is a great first step towards natural birth. I used a midwife for all of my babies – and I had them all at home! I’m a believer in natural birth, no matter where you give birth. Having said that, there’s a big difference between prepared natural birth and just having labor start and hoping for the best. When you prepare for birth you clear away issues that could come up during birthing (and even stall your labor). You truly understand your body, so you’re free to trust it and your baby. And you have a whole host of birth skills (techniques) that have become natural, instinctive, and easy to use when you need them. Your midwife and home birth are perfect compliments for your beauty and power as a prepared birthing woman.

When should I start online childbirth classes?

Enrollment for my classes is always open because this is a self-paced online childbirth class. I recommend you plan to begin MamaBaby Birthing around the beginning of your third trimester, but many of my students want to start much earlier! Since classes are self-paced and membership is unlimited, you may repeat any lessons you want to as you get closer to your due date. If you’re already near your due date just let me know and I’ll point you to the MamaBaby Birthing Crash Course materials ;)

What’s expected of me during the class?

Classes are self-paced, so you can go through at the rate that feels right for you. There are homework assignments with some of the lessons, such as keeping a food diary. These assignments are not mandatory, but completing them helps you become more aware of your body, and they help you build a healthy baby and prepare for a safe birth. I hold live, weekly tele-classes (you can listen streaming online, too). These are not mandatory and you’ll receive a recording of each class if you can’t attend live.

What childbirth method is this and who created it?

MamaBaby Birthing classes are a custom-designed natural birthing class. I created them based on my own experience birthing 8 babies naturally, working with mamas and families as a childbirth educator for the last 15 years, assisting at more than two dozen births, and with continuous feedback from students in my classes. My classes focus on healthy and enjoyable pregnancy, healthy babies, and conscious, aware birthing.

What do I get as part of the classes?

You receive full access to the private MamaBaby Birthing course website, which contains all class audio, video, and written material in digital format. Additionally, you can download all class materials to store on your computer, and to listen to or read on your phone, iPad, or tablet. You also get access to group calls, and if you choose MamaBaby Complete Support, you get unlimited voice chat access to Kristen for personalized support.

How is my husband/birth partner involved?

You and your partner choose how to work through the classes together. You can both listen to the class sessions, or just have your partner listen to certain sessions. MamaBaby Birthing classes do cover partner involvement in-depth; there’s a nice balance of lessons that offer practical information for your partner and classes that are designed specifically for you as the birthing mother.

How is this different from the classes offered at my hospital?

Though many hospital instructors are dedicated to providing great information on labor and birth, their classes are not geared to families planning a natural birth experience. MamaBaby Birthing students make a wide variety of choices and give birth at home, in birth centers, and at the hospital. Hospital classes give a few tips on breathing and relaxation and then cover all the medications you can use when “natural” techniques don’t work. My classes focus first on the health of you and your baby, because healthy mothers and babies have great natural births. Then my classes teach you not only what happens during labor and birth, but how to keep labor moving, how to understand what your baby needs you do to be born… and exactly what to do if labor does feel overwhelming at a given point – without drugs.

Can I take these classes if I’m not pregnant or we’re still trying to conceive (TTC)?

This is one of the most common questions I get :) YES! You can start preparing for a healthy pregnancy now, and the information on pregnancy in my classes will get you started. Your MamaBaby Birthing membership is a lifetime membership, so you can go through the classes now and come back to them at any point in your pregnancy.  If you choose MamaBaby Complete Support, I'll support you as you TTC and through your pregnancy.

I want to have a VBAC. Will MamaBaby Birthing help me?

Yes! The classes come with a complimentary copy of my 7 Steps to a Successful VBAC eBook and I have a detailed lesson for VBAC mamas. I have found that moms planning a VBAC often take advantage of class calls and email consultation to help prepare themselves mentally and emotionally. Processing your past birth experience (or experiences) is usually important for VBAC moms and between my lessons on emotional preparation and my personal help, VBAC moms feel prepared and ready for great births (and I love getting the VBAC birth stories!)

How do I interact with Kristen during my classes?

I hold live group calls each month and you’re welcome to ask any questions you have live on the call. If you’re listening in via online streaming you can type in your question for me to answer live on the call. If you know you can't make it live, you can email me your question ahead of time!  If you choose MamaBaby Complete, you have access to the group calls - AND you get unlimited voice chat access to me for personal support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Should I take live classes or online classes?

Both have advantages. If you have an independent natural childbirth instructor in your area, live classes can offer you the chance to meet like-minded parents and interact with an instructor face-to-face. Online classes give you the option of a self-paced class that fits into your busy schedule. Additionally, my online birth course offers monthly group calls, so you can interact with me, get answers to your questions, and get in-depth information on topics important to pregnancy, birth, and parenting.  If you choose MamaBaby Complete support, I personally answer all your questions when you have them (and as often as you have them). I’m also happy to help you compile evidence-based research to facilitate informed, respectful discussion with your doctor, midwife, or hospital team.

Will this class help me handle pain?

Natural childbirth can be intense and even painful at times. MamaBaby Birthing classes are respectful of how you want to think about birth – lessons generally use language that does not focus birth being “painful” but rather a process you work through with your baby. Having said that, I believe that moms (and partners) need practical techniques to work through labor and all that comes with it, so there are plenty of strategies to help you handle all the feelings of giving birth, and even techniques for getting back in control when you feel like you’re “losing it.” I’ve given birth eight times and believe in giving practical information that works so mothers and babies have a safe, satisfying natural birth.

What are you waiting for?

Let's do this together!