“Mom Systems” to Save Your Sanity

When life feels crazy and overwhelming, systems get life back on track so you have time to give your family the attention they need – and take some time for yourself, too. Systems and other practical tips round out part two of our series on managing the kids without a lot of help.

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • How systems can help you save your sanity when life is overwhelming
  • Don't make this common mistake when choosing systems (hint: baby-step into things)
  • My favorite systems for keeping the house under control
  • How to get your kids to help around the house
  • Why meal planning should be simple (and how to keep it that way)
  • The #1 mistake overwhelmed mamas make – and what you must do to avoid it
  • A simple technique to make every situation with your kids less stressful

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Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast

  • Neatlings Chore Chart System – the chore system my family uses
  • Motivated Moms is the system that has worked best for me to keep up with regular housework. I love it and have never tried anything else since finding Motivated Moms. I especially like that it includes “little things” like clipping my children's nails!
  • Fly Lady – another housekeeping system many like!
  • Home Management Plan & Simple – this is the newly written version of Large Family Logistics, a book I found helpful when I first started developing home systems. I haven't seen this version of the book, but I imagine it's a solid help to a mama who needs to learn systems for her home

Resources from last week's podcast are also helpful – don't miss How to Manage the Kids Without a Lot of Help

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