Natural Birth Cheat Sheet NBBC - Natural Birth and Baby

My Top 5 Natural Childbirth Secrets

How to Have a Natural Birth, Handle the Pain, and Stay Calm + In Control

  • Stay calm and in control from the first contraction to the first time you hold your baby… plus a proven tip to stay calm + in control if the going gets tough.
  • Use this to dilate faster and position your baby perfectly (no matter where you’re giving birth) – so your labor goes as fast and smoothly as possible.
  • Put this “penny tool” into your birth bag or kit to keep both you and baby safe during labor – no medical interventions needed.
  • How to handle the pain (works no matter where you’re giving birth) so you can get through labor and hold your beautiful new baby in your arms

"I've used these exact techniques to have 8 awesome natural births! Download them and use them during your baby's birth... they work!"

Kristen and Corwin

Kristen Burgess
Mama to 8 & Founder of