How to Give Your Baby a Great Birth at the Hospital – the Smart Mama’s No-Nonsense Guide to Navigating a Hospital Birth

Dear Mama-to-Be

Do you need to plan a hospital birth because of your location, insurance, health issues… or just because you feel more comfortable having your baby at the hospital?

Are you worried about the horror stories of moms getting bullied into procedures, interventions, and even major surgeries? Scared your baby will be taken from you for no reason?

Or perhaps you feel like you’ve chosen a good care provider, but you’re not sure what you need to do during labor to keep things moving smoothly and easily.

These concerns are really common for moms planning a hospital birth – for whatever reason. I’ve worked with hundreds of students and consulted with thousands over moms over the last decade – and most of them have been preparing for a hospital birth…

…even better, most of them have gone on to have a great natural birth – or feel like they were respected and listened to…. that interventions were discussed and truly needed.

That’s empowered birthing.

I’ve chosen to have my own babies home, but I fully believe that each woman needs to make this choice for herself. And I believe that all mama~baby pairs deserve to birth with peace, respect, and joy.

That’s why I’ve created this special mini-class:

The Smart Mama’s Guide to Navigating Hospital Birth

I know that you’re busy and there are a lot of resources out there on natural birth. That’s why this class session is laser-focused on exactly what you need to do to prepare for your hospital birth.

I walk you through exactly what you need to know:

  • How to choose a care provider who will really work with you on birth
  • The differences between an OB, MFM, and CNM – and when you want each one
  • Tips for finding a great hospital (and why this may be more important than finding the right doctor or CNM)
  • Why it’s essential to stay as healthy as possible during your pregnancy
  • How to know when to follow your doctor’s advice (plus what to do if you find it’s outdated)
  • What to expect – and what not to – with birth support from your doctor and nurses
  • Which birthing classes are worth it (and which ones are a waste of your time)
  • This is what the research REALLY says about when mamas should head to the hospital (it’s NOT as soon as you feel a few contractions!)
  • What you need to know about how hospital procedures change birth for you and baby

You’ll also discover:

  • Should you choose the hospital closest to you – or it really worth the drive?
  • What to ask when you interview your doctor or midwife (hint: this is how to ask so you get the real answer – NOT just want they know you want to hear!)
  • A prenatal care secret nobody is telling you – and makes all the difference in your
    hospital birth
  • This will help you use your birth plan to talk to your doctor or midwife about what’s important to you
  • Exactly how you need to prepare for your baby’s birthday (hint: this actually works no matter where you give birth)
  • When you should go to the hospital (use this handy “rule of thumb” …plus when you should ignore it!)
  • Why going to the hospital too soon can ruin your natural birth
  • Do this while you’re in labor to have a faster, smoother birthing (use it while you’re at home and after you head out)

This fantastic class is going to tell you exactly what you need to do to get ready for a great birth – at the hospital! Usually I charge clients $150 for a one-on-one consultation and personalized plan.

However, because I get this question so often, I planned out this class be a practical “blueprint” to navigating the hospital and giving your baby a great birth. I want all mamas planning a hospital birth to have this vital guide, so it’s priced at just $27.