Discover How to Stock a Natural Medicine Chest and Care for Your Sick Child Confidently… and Naturally

(Plus How to Keep Your Child’s Immune System and Teeth Healthy for Life)

Dear Fellow Mama,

Do you feel confident about natural care for your family when everyone is well – but worry about your kids getting sick?

Are you overwhelmed when you look at the “natural remedies” section of the store (and it’s bigger than the medicine section!)?

Worried about what grandparents and “well-meaning” friends and family will say about your alternative health care choices?

You’re definitely not alone! “Natural” sounds great in theory, but when it comes down to it, seeing your little miserable with a cold, or feeling the fever burning in their body can be really scary… especially when other people are saying “I told you so!”

Here’s the truth – you can care for your family using natural remedies, and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, it can be practical, straightforward, and even easy.

I have 8 kids of my own – ranging from just around 16 down to baby… and all spread out in between! I’ve spent a lot of time with healthy kids, and I’ve spent some time with sick kiddos, too.

Now, I don’t share this next part to brag, but to help you see what’s possible:

I have never had to give my kids antibiotics or over-the-counter medications. We have never gone to the doctor for an illness (though we have had a couple of falls and head injuries!!)

Again, I don’t share this to brag – if I needed to take my kids to the doctor for an illness, I would do so. And I would certainly pick antibiotics if they were truly needed in a situation. I’m glad that doctors, medications, and hospitals are there – when they’re needed.

But in 16 years, 8 kids, and our fair share of colds, coughs, fevers, and other illnesses 😉 I have never found that there was need for those things.

And with this many people to keep track of in my house, I’m also pretty busy – so I keep the “natural medicine cabinet” pretty basic. It’s accessible for me – which means that any mama can use it 😉

I want other families to have the confidence and good health we’ve enjoyed – naturally.

That’s why I’ve put together a class series to help you take care of your little ones with tried-and-true, simple remedies. There are three sessions in this class series:

  • Stocking the Natural Medicine Cabinet
  • Caring for Your Sick Baby, Toddler, and Child
  • Smart Mama’s Guide to Healthy Teeth

These three classes are meant to help you feel confident in keeping your family (and their teeth!) healthier – and help you navigate the inevitable sniffles along the way 🙂

Here’s some of what these sessions cover:

  • What’s essential for the natural medicine cabinet (and what’s not)
  • The most important place a holistic family can stock up on natural medicines (this will surprise you)
  • Foods you should have on hand for an illness (plus how food can help you keep sickness far away!)
  • Homemade electrolyte solutions and when to use them vs. Breastmilk for a nursing child
  • Supplements that are crucial to have on hand (including one that can stop coughing in its tracks – naturally!)
  • The one daily supplement you should give your child – even if you choose not to give any others
  • Which herbs are safe for children, and which you should have on hand
  • Using essential oils with babies and children
  • Safe remedies to use when you’re pregnant!
  • The truth about tooth decay – why does it happen when you’re eating a healthy, real foods diet?
  • This one key will help your child have healthy teeth – for life
  • What you need to know about growth and dental health if you’re vegetarian or vegan

You'll also receive:

  • A lunchtime menu proven to build strong teeth and bones
  • A complete tooth-healing and decay-reversing protocol
  • Home tooth care routines for your little ones
  • How to handle deep congestion safely and effectively to keep your little one’s breathing clear during colds, coughs, and flu
  • The easiest ways to take care of diarrhea and vomiting so your little one stays hydrated… and safe
  • The truth about fevers – exactly how you can safely see your child through the “healing crisis…” and even benefit from it!
  • How to decide if you can safely treat your little one at home – and when it’s time to call the doctor
  • Getting rid of infections… fast!
  • A step-by-step “sick kid” checklist

I tackle all of this and more in the 3 class sessions (including Q&A segments). Ultimately how you care for your family is your choice – and I can promise you’ll feel more informed and prepared to make the right decisions for your family after you finish this class series.

My normal consultation rate is $150 an hour, and since this is a 3-session series, the charge would be at least $450. Initially, I thought to offer this at the recorded series rate of $97... I sat thinking about it, though, thinking of how many mamas feel confused, frustrated, even bullied about raising their families with holistic, natural heath, I realized I can’t even charge that. I want as many mamas as possible to feel confident and informed – so you don’t feel bullied – so you can make the right choice for your baby. So I’m offering the entire series for $37. Click below for instant access now!


Bonus #1: Handling the Cold & Flu Season

This track focuses on handling one of the toughest parts of parenting young children: could and flu season!  Here's how to help your little ones feel better - and how to survive these trying times yourself!


Bonus #2: Working with Your Child's Doctor

Many natural-minded parents feel that the doctor-parent relationship is strained or even adversarial.  I have discovered, however, that it's possible to have a respectful working relationship with your child's doctor.  Having a care provider you trust is valuable throughout your little one's childhood.  

This bonus class covers how to build a great relationship where you're respected and your little one is healthy, happy, and well-cared for! 

As a reminder, you'll receive both bonus classes listed above, plus these crucial classes on handling everything the cold & flu season (and beyond) brings to the busy family:

  • Stocking the Natural Medicine Cabinet
  • Caring for Your Sick Baby, Toddler, and Child
  • Smart Mama’s Guide to Healthy Teeth

Click here to get instant access to all classes and bonuses: