What Nobody Tells You About Cesarean Section

What You Should Know About Cesarean Section

Staggering numbers of women will give birth through cesarean section this year – but nobody talks about the dangers of c-sections or why it's important to make sure surgery is truly needed before making the cut. Today's episode covers the real risks of surgical birth and why reversing the c-section trend is important to mamas, babies, and even future babies.

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Why the cesarean epidemic really is a big problem
  • Complications that happen much more commonly after c-section births
  • Why infection is an issue with any surgery
  • Recovery after c-section – much more painful than after vaginal birth
  • Why are babies more at risk after surgical delivery?
  • Chronic diseases such as asthma and Type 1 diabetes may be higher for kids born via section
  • Complications unique to c-section and complications unique to vaginal birth
  • How a c-section may impact your relationship with your little one
  • The big secret: how a cesarean section impacts future pregnancies – and future babies
  • The big lie: c-sections are not protecting your pelvic floor
  • The overwhelming conclusion from the evidence

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Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast

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What Moms Should Know About Cesarean Section

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What Nobody Tells You About Cesarean Section


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