How Would it Feel to Work With Me Personally, One-on-One, Throughout Your Pregnancy to Grow a Healthy Baby and Prepare for a Safe, Amazing Natural Birth?

Dear Mama-to-Be,

Do you want to grow a healthy, happy baby, but feel like it’s impossible to get evidenced-based information on staying healthy and low-risk?

Are you wishing for someone to talk to about juggling the demands of pregnancy with parenting, homemaking, and working (not to mention fitting in food and exercise… and bonding with your unborn baby!)?

Have you been struggling to find a someone knowledgeable and supportive of your birthing choices, but feel that you’re (at best) not taken seriously, and (at worst trapped) with options and interventions you don’t want?

Are you, frankly speaking frustrated and even angry that you don’t have the support, encouragement, and just plain belief in birth and in your body’s ability to grow and birth a healthy baby?

If so, I get it.

I hear from mamas just like you every day – women who want to have a natural birth, but feel like they’re basically ridiculed on every side… by the medical world, and perhaps more painfully, even by friends and loved ones.

They feel like they’re locked into choices they don’t want by insurance coverage (or lack of it), or by regulations (which may not be based on evidence), or by location. Some women even choose to go it alone rather than have their babies in a place that’s hostile to natural birth and bonding.

I hear stories from women who are angry that their first pregnancy and birth (or first few!) were labeled “high-risk” or they were coerced into surgery they didn’t really need… and it’s only when they start researching that they realize it was all avoidable… that evidence based strategies like nutrition, baby alignment, active birthing, and avoiding needless intervention could have completely changed what they – and their babies – had to experience.

So what’s the answer?

I honestly believe that what we need is to go back to our roots – to go back to our great-great-great grandmothers.

See, these women had challenges that we no longer have, like access to clean water, healthy foods, and an understanding of the importance of hygiene. That alone has made birth much, much safer for us, at least those of us birthing in developed countries.


And this is a HUGE “but…”

…they had something most of us do NOT…

…they had midwives, grannies, “wise women” who helped care for them and nurture them throughout pregnancy.

Women who listened.

Women who cared.

Women who had been through it.

Women who loved them.

Now, I know that we DO have women like that today – wise women, midwives, who are working to bring that back. To bring that support, love, belief, and dignity back into childbirth.

But… another but… the world is HUGE.

And the industrial-medical complex is HUGE and, on many levels, oppressive. I do agree that we need that sometimes – sometimes mamas and babies need hospitals, surgeons, NICUs.

But most of the time we don’t.

And this is even scarier – often that medical machine causes the very dangers it’s saving mothers and babies from… either due to neglect (of research, of nutrition, of how birthing hormones work… whatever) – or due to aggressive and dangerous interventions (like continuous fetal monitoring, denying mothers and babies of food/drink in labor, demanding women restrict weight gain, etc.).

Neglect and/or ignoring evidence about pregnancy and birth and how they really work creates danger.

It’s often not until women are later trying to pick up the pieces that they realize what happened – or what should never have happened.

But back to the world… it’s HUGE.

It’s going to take a long time to get wise, educated, experienced midwives everywhere. We’re not just fighting a battle to find women to serve as midwives and wise women, or to train them, we’re fighting a political battle (because the maternity unit is often the only profitable unit in a hospital – and babies add to the bottom line ).

It will take time to win those battles (and I think ultimately, women will triumph, so we should fight today, for our daughters and granddaughters – and for the grandsons and great-grandsons, for all the babies they will birth, too).

So what can I do right now?

That’s a question that’s been weighing heavily on my mind.

I’ve been thinking about it.

I see how my online birthing classes are making a big difference. And I’ve noticed something.

The women who tend to have the best births are the ones who ask me a lot of questions – via email, via our weekly class call. If a mama has asked a lot of questions, she’s probably going to have a good birth.

Why? She got the support she needed.

And those two thoughts came together. How can I make a difference for women with limited choices? And the women who are MOST helped are the ones who have the MOST support.

And this concept of a “virtual prenatal” came to my mind – I’ve heard that type of thing mentioned before. Regular, supportive consultations with someone who understands pregnancy and birth.

The chance to consult one-on-one, at regular times. To get personal answers to all your questions. To have someone willing to research for you, to help you think through something, or just to listen to you talk about your older kids, or the stress at work, or whatever.

Someone who can help you work through your thoughts and feelings, help you tune into your intuition.

Someone who cares for you deeply, personally, and is there for you – no matter where you are.

I realized, that’s something I can do. I’ve experienced the benefits – the power – of having someone there to listen to me, even long-distance. Someone there to encourage me, and someone to encourage me to trust myself.

If you feel alone, or even just unsupported, and need someone to listen, to care, to advise, to encourage…

I am here. This is a brand-new service, designed to be exactly what YOU need. I’m happy to help you – to walk alongside you during this pregnancy (or preconception through pregnancy) – in whatever way you need. I can do this no matter what birth choices you’re making – hospital birth, home birth, even an unassisted birth. Get the support you really need.

Here’s what’s included (and if there’s something more you need, just let me know):

Long distance “prenatal” meetings via phone or Skype (you choose): monthly, then bi-weekly, then weekly through the end of your pregnancy – plus send questions via email anytime.

Open discussion of your thoughts, feelings, possible fears, and intuition throughout this pregnancy

Answers to all your questions (I’m happy to help you research, too, so you know what the evidence – and traditional women’s wisdom – says about every question

Complimentary access to MamaBaby Birthing Classes – my full 6-week, online childbirth preparation course. You’ll get all the videos, audios, handouts, and access to the weekly Q&A calls (in addition to your one-on-one Skype sessions/calls)

Complimentary access to the Great Pregnancy series – my full, 6-week online class on having a healthy pregnancy.

Helpful resources every step of the way, for any unique situation – if I don’t have a resource on it, I’ll create it just for you 😀

Assistance creating a custom meal plan – and tried-and-true strategies to help you make it happen. I can even walk you through a grocery store visit and give you budget-friendly ideas if that helps!

Assistance planning supplements for overall health and for specific concerns

Help planning a workable exercise routine, how to handle fatigue and get enough rest, etc. – I want you feeling great all 9 months, and beyond 😉

Help sorting through choices about prenatal care, testing, procedures, etc.

Ideas and support to help you bond with baby – even if you’re busy

Proven tips and techniques to help you juggle older kids, housework, work hours, and more

I’m available to chat during and after your baby’s birth (I’m “on call” for you!)

Help considering newborn care choices

Complimentary access to the Breastfeeding class

6 Weeks of postpartum support including time to reflect on your birthing experience via phone or Skype

Again, this is complete support for you – to compliment or supplement your current prenatal care, or just to be there for you in whatever way you see it fitting.

You’ll get Skype or phone appointments exclusively for you – once a month early in your pregnancy, and once a week as you get farther along, plus I’m there for you to chat or Skype with in labor, too.

Most doulas or birth consultants charge $800-1000 for birth, and offer only 1-2 meetings during your pregnancy.

MamaBaby Birthing classes (included in your package) is $97 by itself

Great Pregnancy class series (included in your package) is $67

Custom meal plans just for you and your family generally run $100-150 per month

A personal research assistant would be $50—60 an hour

The Breastfeeding Class is $20

Not to mention complete email support and the time to listen to you as you explore you thoughts, feelings, dreams, concerns, plans – whatever you need…

Pulling this all together is worth at least $1500, but it’s important for me to make this completely accessible to the mamas who need it. So I’ve decided to make this something that helps me balance the time away from my family to be available for you – and something that’s completely affordable so you can get the support you need. Sign up today for just $497. Get the full personal prenatal access for one easy payment of $184.33 or 3 payments of $65 during this special holiday sale!

Full Details on the Holiday Special:

  • Save 63%!!
  • Start your personal prenatal service ANY time in the next year (from now through the end of 2017) and I will be there for you throughout your entire pregnancy (that means if you conceive later in 2017 and are due in 2018, I am there through your postpartum!).  This is great if you're still trying to conceive or plan to TTC next year - and I'm happy to do a couple of TTC consults, too 😀
  • Get 1 year complimentary membership to Smart Mama, Happy Baby (that means you get access to the entire library of 28+ classes, AND all the classes I'll teach live over the next year, plus menu plans, books studies, exclusive articles, and more)
  • As noted above, complimentary lifetime enrollment in MamaBaby Birthing, my 6-week online birthing course and enrollment in any (or all!) of the live Great Pregnancy webinars I teach next year!

Click below to enroll and get the special bonuses right now:

Single Payment of $184.33

3 Easy Payments of $65

P.S. I believe that evidence-based care is very important – but I’ve also seen that having someone who has been there before is incredibly helpful – someone who has walked her own pregnancies, juggled her own babies (not to mention mountains of dishes and islands of dirty laundry) – can bring wisdom and perspective that’s invaluable.

I’m always searching for the latest evidence – and I have carried and birthed my own 7 babies. I’ve helped thousands of women through my website, podcast, and online classes.

And I trust and respect the wisdom of our foremothers. I am truly proud to stand on the shoulders of giantesses as I bring this to you – and recognize how incredibly blessed I am to offer this to you across distance and will barriers to research, evidence, and location breaking down every day.

I am excited about walking with you – excited to be here for you and bring you everything I have so that you are ready to recognize everything within you <3 This is for you, gentle mother. Let’s change the world, one baby at a time <3

Single Payment of $184.33

3 Easy Payments of $65


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