Positions for Water Birthing

by Chelsea Prosper

(Frostproof, FL, USA)

I'm doing a project for family development, about water birthing.

I'm pregnant myself and I'd like to know about the positions while giving birth.


Hi Chelsea,

When you're giving birth in a tub you can use just about any position you can get yourself into :p

However, women in the birthing tub tend to use several common birthing positions:

Squatting – this is a good position for many women to give birth in, and it's especially easy in the water because the water supports so much of your weight and makes it easier to stay in a squat. You can also lean against the side of the tub to give yourself more support.

It's a good position for the mother to reach down and bring up her baby herself.

Sitting – The mom sits on the bottom of the tub, legs out or pulled up in a sort of semi-squat. Normally she's leaning against the side of the tub. Moms in this position will often rise up a little during pushing contractions.

Kneeling – This can be on knees, or on one knee with the other up in a sort of modified squat. This is a very stable position that also allows you to be the one to pull your baby up.

Hands and Knees – this is a favorite position out of water and it works well in the water, too. The water completely supports the mother's body and it's a great position for a mom that wants to roll her hips during contractions. It's best to have an attendant waiting to catch the baby if using this position, but if the attendant doesn't catch the baby it's OK – mom can move back to a squat or kneeling as soon as baby is born and bring the baby up.

I hope that's helpful to you!

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