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Discover My Simple 1-2-3 Method to Prevent Tearing While Giving Birth

Practical, Evidence-Based Steps Keep Baby Coming Gently and Easily  

  • Key positions to use to minimize the chances of tearing plus keep your labor moving quickly and gently.
  • What research says your care provider must do (and avoid) – this is so simple and easy it will shock you!
  • Hormones help you stay relaxed and calm so you don’t tear – these 5 simple tips boost them up so baby slides right out.
  • How to push your baby out (this is the most crucial step!) so you can birth your baby so smoothly nobody realizes what you’re doing!

"I've used this exact method during my 7 births - with no tearing... including my 10lb 10oz boy!
 (I've had to tell my birth team to help me grab my baby because they didn't realize s/he was born!)
Download it and use this method during your baby's birth... it works!"

Kristen and Corwin

Kristen Burgess
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