BBL 156 Self-Care is Non-Negotiable for Moms

Here's the truth - being a mama is hard work.  But it's also deeply rewarding and joyful work.  If you're healthy and feel good, the "ups and downs" of motherhood are an adventure - which is why self-care is essential for mamas. In this episode, I talk about self-care and what that looks like for mamas living busy lives in the real world!

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Things I discuss in this episode:

  • The best-kept secret of motherhood (hint: there's still a YOU behind MOM)
  • How to acknowledge the service of motherhood and still value you
  • Handling stereotypes about motherhood
  • Dealing with societal expectations of mothers (including the current expectation of needing work outside of family)
  • Why working on your relationships is self-care
  • What is "Mother Culture" and how can it help you?
  • How 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference
  • Getting out in nature helps you feel happier and more balanced - here's how
  • How to find time to take care of yourself
  • Why getting up early can help you stay calmer (and happier)Finding joy in the daily grind of life
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Things mentioned in this episode

  • My Masterclass on how you can get everything done - and enjoy time for you!
  • Dating Divas - bring some fun (and communication) into your relationships with fun date ideas
  • The Lifegiving Home and The Lifegiving Table are both wonderful books on how to cultivate a happy, peaceful home.  The companion guides step you through doing so in "baby steps" across the year.
  • For the Children's Sake - incredible book to help you ponder how you want to raise your children and the environment you want for them
  • Montessori from the Start - while I don't use Montessori with my older children, the baby and toddler advice is lovely and the guidance on creating a peaceful home is wonderful
  •  Christopherus Homeschool "Early Years" - another inspiring resource for cultivating a peaceful, happy home for your young children.
  • The Early Years: A Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook - another wonderful resource for creating the home you want
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Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
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