Choose the Best Birth for Your Baby

Can You Have a Safer, Smoother Birth?
How to choose the right birth for YOUR baby

How to choose the safest, easiest birth for you and YOUR baby 

Have you:

Noticed that more and more celebrities (and the moms next door) are choosing a natural birth?

Realized that there may be more to know about childbirth than your mama told you?

Felt like natural birth may be impossible for you because you just don't know:

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    How to handle the pain of labor and work through contractions with your rockstar baby
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    How to have a safe labor and delivery for your newborn, and a safe postpartum for you
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    How you can keep making progress and overcome stalls (without needing Pitocin)
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    How to overcome your own fears and feel calm, confident, and ready to birth your baby

The answer, awesome mama, is some baby-birthing know-how!

Join Me:

Webinar Date:

October 12

Webinar Time:

11:00 am ( GMT London )

Hang out with me for one hour and you'll walk away with...

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    The biggest mistake that moms make when labor starts, and how to avoid it
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    The exact strategy you need to choose (and have) the right birth for YOUR baby
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    The specific words to use to make sure your care provider helps you have the perfect birth
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    The secret to having a great birth experience (no matter where you're giving birth)
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    The success formula for 
Kristen and Corwin

Webinar Host:

Kristen Burgess


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