The Smart Mama’s Guide to Waterbirth: How it Helps, Why it Works, How to Get Ready… and When to Be Cautious

To: Mamas-to-be Interested in Waterbirth
From: Kristen Burgess

Are you planning a natural birth but worried that you won't be able to handle the pain of contractions?

Have you considered all the options and find yourself curious about (or skeptical of) stories where women share that the water can take away your labor pain?

Do you think you'd like to try a waterbirth, but want real information on the pros, cons, and safety of labor and birth in a tub?

If so, you're not alone. Many women today have heard of giving birth in water and its possible benefits, and popularity is rising, but there are still many questions, and even concerns, that mamas-to-be share.

I'm Kristen, and in addition to running a natural birth website for over a decade, I have had five of my seven babies in water (and I'm planning a waterbirth for baby #8 in a few months!). I'm also a student midwife, and help women plan waterbirths - and assist at waterbirths - every month.

When I was planning on my 3rd baby's birth, my midwife offered a "fishy tub" (an inflatable children's pool) to birth my baby in. I wasn't sure it would be right for me, but I decided to try it - and I was convinced.

Even so, I found myself wanting to understand more about waterbirth - why did it help? Was it completely safe? How could I best prepare? What did I really need to have on hand? I hear these questions and more from the women I work with every month, too...

Presenting the Smart Mama's Guide to Waterbirth

That's why I decided to create the Smart Mama's Guide to Waterbirth - a complete guide to giving birth in water. Mamas-to-be need to know where waterbirth came from, what benefits it offers, exactly why it works, the pros, cons, and cautions... plus how to actually prepare for waterbirth and use a birthing tub during labor. I've spent countless hours researching for this class because I want it to cover everything you need to know.

Inside you'll discover:

  • What is waterbirth - main differences between laboring in a birthing tub and actually giving birth in the water
  • Where waterbirth came from (is it a fad or an old tradition?)
  • What research studies have been done on birthing in water?
  • Different medical organizations have different opinions on waterbirth (here's what they are - and why)
  • The REAL evidence on drowning in the birth tub
  • Why mothers describe the birthing tub as calming - plus how it helps them feel more in control
  • Does waterbirth really relieve labor pain?
  • What you need to know about waterbirth and bleeding
  • How a birthing tub changes the length of labor
  • The truth about tearing and waterbirth
  • Exactly why being in the water helps birthing mamas so much (yep, there's science behind it)
  • Important reasons why you should NOT choose waterbirth
  • What happens in the baby gets "stuck" when you're in the water (shoulder dystocia situations)

You'll also know:

  • How birthing in a tub makes labor more mother-centered
  • What's the scoop on poop in the tub?
  • Moms birthing in water choose this position 86% of the time (and it really helps the baby come down)
  • What to do if your water breaks - before you get in the tub
  • Why a birthing tub can help a slow or "stalled" labor get going
  • The #1 benefit mothers share about waterbirth (hint: this may surprise you!)
  • What causes a baby to breathe after birth
  • Baby's placenta is incredibly important in waterbirth - here's why

Plus we'll get practical:

  • Different birth tub options - which ones are safe and which ones mothers prefer
  • Supplies you need to have on hand during a waterbirth
  • Preparing for labor and birth - both in and out of the tub
  • Cleanup tips to make mastering the birth pool simple
  • How deep should the water be for labor? For birth?
  • There's dispute about water temperature - here's what you need to know
  • Should you stay in the tub your entire labor?
  • How to stay strong and safe in the birthing tub
  • It's important to bring up baby the right way (I tell you how - and why)

We'll cover all of these topics and more in this complete class. I want you to have all the information so you can make the right choice for you - plus plenty of practical tips to help make your labor and birth exactly what you need it to be (in or out of the tub).

I typically charge $150 for a one-on-one consultation, and $67-97 for in-depth group classes. But because I want as many mamas-to-be as possible to have access to researched, evidence-based (and practical) information about waterbirth, I'm pricing this class at just $27: