Standing Firm in Your Choices with Hannah Smerkonich | Natural Birth and Baby

Standing Firm in Your Choices with Hannah Smerkonich

Stand Firm Birth Choices

What are real mamas thinking, feeling, experiencing… and how are they handling birth and baby choices? This week Hannah Smerkonich shares part of her journey through her pregnancies and births. She discusses how she handled communicating her wishes both gracefully and firmly – enjoy!

Topics We Discuss in This Podcast:

  • How a friendly, casual comment helped Hannah explore birthing options (excellent if you're hoping to talk to friends & aqacquaintances about birth)
  • How Hannah “tested” her doctor to feel confident he'd give her space to make decisions for herself
  • What prompted Hannah to search beyond the standard medical model of healthcare – and what she discovered there
  • Why Hannah started to feel annoyed with “perfect” prenatal appointments!
  • A round of “false” labor and one way to handle it
  • How Hannah gently but firmly declined interventions she didn't want at the hospital
  • What the experience of working with an asynclitic baby is like!
  • Dealing with the pediatrician when you decide to make your own parenting and healthcare choices
  • Handling an infection postpartum

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Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast

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