Your video series is on the way! While you wait for the videos, please read the information below. Giving your baby a great start in life begins with pregnancy nutrition, and continues with breastfeeding. Before you know it, you’re thinking about solid foods – and what you give your little one continues to make a big difference in their future health. Sensible, nourishing foods really make a difference for your baby, but sometimes all the options out there feel overwhelming! Read on for how to find practical information on healthy food you can easily fit into your busy life with baby!

“How to Make Fresh, Varied Baby Food Simple Enough For Any Kitchen Klutz, Quick Enough for Busy Moms, And So Tasty You’ll Sneak a Bite!”

Plus what you need to know to get your baby started on wholesome, nourishing solid foods from the very first taste!

Dear Fellow Mama,

Are you confused about how to start solid foods for your baby? Feel like you’re flooded with information from well-meaning baby books, friends, family (and profit-driven baby food companies)?

Do you want to give your little one the most nourishing, delicious foods possible… but feel short on time with no desire to be a short-order cook?

Are you worried about the ingredients in common baby foods – or the lack of nutrition in typical “first food” choices like baby cereal and bland purees?

And what about the puree vs. “Baby-led” debate… which one is right?

My Fourth Baby, Galen, Enjoying an Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipe I Prepared!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! I’ve been there with my own babies, and there are hundreds of mamas making the same choices you are every day.

Most of us know that breastfeeding is the ideal first start for our babies – and we even felt comfortable with developing a great pregnancy diet before baby was born. But when it comes to solid foods, the choices are mind-boggling, and frankly, recommendations are conflicting.

That’s why I put together my baby feeding guide and cookbook First Bites and Beyond. But before I tell you about the book, let me share why feeding your baby well is so important – and why you’re the perfect person to decide what to feed your child:

Make Meals for your Little One with Confidence

And Without Spending All Your Time in the Kitchen

What’s the solution? Do you spend countless dollars on the latest advertised children’s supplements? Do you spend hours in the kitchen slaving over complicated recipes with weird ingredients? The answer is no! Believe it or not you can get what you need without having a PhD into protein, carbs, and micro-nutrients. There is a way to have a smart, happy, healthy baby – without being a gourmet chef!

I’ve been on-the-go since my first baby was born – and now I have 7 – I know what life as a busy mom is like! (In fact, don’t tell anyone, but I once walked into the kitchen to find Galen dumping an entire bottle of paprika into a pan of stir-fry… oops 😉 !)

Strangely enough, the answer to the problem isn’t new. It’s centuries old. Traditional peoples had it even worse than we do. Although a simple lifestyle gave moms time with their babies, it wasn’t always easy just to keep those babies alive. As a result, traditional cultures discovered ways to gather the most vital, nutrient-dense foods for their babies. These foods are simple to prepare, and can be fed to baby easily, without a lot of time in the kitchen (hey, they didn’t have a kitchen!)

Doctors and anthropologists are extremely excited about the health and intelligence of babies in cultures living apart from “modern” societies. Here were groups of people with happy, vigorous babies (and children), free from both physical disease and the modern epidemic of obesity, asthma, and various learning problems. Major organizations like La Leche League, a world leader in baby feeding and infant health information, and Health Canada & the NHS, internationally respected public health organizations, acknowledge the wisdom of these traditional weaning diets.

Invaluable for Me and My 6mo

Thank you for taking the precious time to research and educate the rest of us on such a sticky, but oh-so important topic! The information in these first two sections have been invaluable for me and my 6 mo old…. Keep up the GREAT work!!! – Celeste

How Forgotten Wisdom Opened My Eyes to the Keys of a Happy, Healthy Baby

I knew I didn’t want my children caught in the modern health epidemics – I looked for any information I could get my hands on. I was stunned by the peace and confidence mothers used to have:

  • Relax and enjoy your healthy baby – free from worries your baby isn’t getting the right nutrients. The foods you give your baby have been tested and proven by centuries of healthy children.
  • Save money on expensive foods and supplements – Your baby gets the right nutrients (and his body absorbs them).
  • Trust your baby’s timing – traditional peoples instinctively knew their babies would tell them when it was time for new foods. Develop the same trust and instinctive confidence.
  • Freedom from dependence on “experts” with financial motivation – know you give your baby foods because they nourish her, not because you fell for marketing hype.
  • Enjoy food the way it’s meant to be – food becomes a simple pleasure rather than a long list of sinister-sounding ingredients.
  • More time for the experiences that matter to you – tasty and uncomplicated food means you get out of the kitchen and back to enjoying your baby and your life.
  • Confidence your child is developing good eating habits – you and your child both discover a rich heritage of good food and good health.
  • Know your breastmilk is STILL best for your baby – unlock the key to nursing your baby for long-lasting good health (and how to combine your life-giving milk with wholesome solid foods).
    Remember one thing – past parents weren’t pawns in the marketing games. They chose foods that gave them smart, strong babies and sturdy children ready to work and play with their family. If you’re serious about raising a vibrant, happy baby, you need their secrets. As corporations rose to power and entered the lucrative baby care industry, traditional homemade baby foods became lost in a sea of slick packaging and intimidating scare tactics.

I Feel Much More Comfortable Now

Thanks for your response, Kristen! I feel much more comfortable now, knowing that what my baby is doing is normal. I guess it’s a little bit funny to realize that the image that I had in my mind was unrealistic – baby eating just the way we do? Really?! – Jennifer

Concise, Clear and Informative Feeding Info

Great job on this! It was concise, clear and informative. The topics were well laid out and the information was not overwhelming. I think you did a wonderful job of presenting the information on baby feeding. Thanks for all your efforts here – us followers really appreciate the time you spend getting us info. – Amy

9 Years of Study, Research, Trial, Error and Experimentation

Here’s the story: I’m a parent just like you, and when my first baby was born I started on a quest to give my children the most healthy, natural childhood I could. I’ve spent years, months, and countless hours researching all I could find on baby and child health. The result is a resource that’s a simple to read with the info you need:

  • How you can make homemade food for your baby
  • (And be sure it tastes good)
  • Use fresh, varied ingredients in your child’s diet.
  • Fit it all into your busy schedule
  • Essential child nutrition facts
    Like I said, I’m a little over-the-top when it comes to research. This resource is a labor of love. Let me give you a deeper look at what you’ll find inside of First Bites and Beyond:
  • Get detailed info on all the ages & stages of feeding babies and toddlers
  • Find out why moms in the past had healthier babies
  • Discover why modern baby feeding advice is leading your child down the path to obesity, diabetes, and lower quality of life
  • Get the truth about a vegetarian diet and children
  • Review detailed solids readiness signs
  • Authoritative info about delaying solids (do you know when your baby should start?)
  • Picture guide to textures – know when your baby is ready to move up to new textures
  • Spoon Feeding vs. Baby-led weaning – get the inside scoop on which is really best for babies
  • Know how much food your baby really needs (and get an inside picture of how much that tiny tummy actually holds)
  • Combining breastfeeding and solids – introduce your baby to good food while you maintain your vital nursing relationship
  • Sample menus – confidently feed age-appropriate foods and amounts
  • Dealing with others – gain the confidence to stand your ground (and the respect of others when you do)
  • Raw food for babies? – know which foods can be raw (this will surprise you)
  • And there’s much more packed into the guide… I had a hard time trimming back the list so this letter didn’t end up endless!

Believe me… this is just the tip of the iceberg! First Bites and Beyond is so much more than just a book – it’s a complete system for nourishing your baby – and freeing you from jarred food and hours in the kitchen.

Really Helped Me a Lot

Thanks a lot for all this info, it really helped me a lot. I have been wondering why my baby’s pediatrician was not recommending baby cereal as a meal for him. But now it’s quite clear for me the main reason for that. It’s been very helpful – Norhan

The Confidence to Feed My Baby What She Needed

“This book not only gave me great ideas for recipes and what to look for in buying safe, family-friendly food products, but more importantly it gave me the confidence to feed my baby what she needed. With a society that pushes early solids and grains your book was the one voice that reiterated what my Mommy heart already knew was best. Thank you for giving me the encouragement and the assurance to stay firm in my decisions! Our family has been truly blessed by your work!” Dalas

Get Started Making Nourishing Baby Food Today

Jarred baby food is expensive and, well, tasteless. Making your baby’s food only takes a couple of minutes while you prepare your own meal – or a few minutes longer fills the freezer full of nature’s goodness (customized for your baby). You can download my book instantly and make real baby food, really easily today. The cost for the First Bites and Beyond Book Package w/ All the Bonuses is now only $47 $20.


Recipes So Tasty You’ll Want to Steal the Leftovers

I’m a busy mom just like you. I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. I need to get in there, get a meal prepared, and get out. I want to spend time with my family enjoying the meal, not slaving over it!

The recipes in First Bites are simple, straightforward recipes. Most require minimal preparation time. They can be made from the whole foods you’re already feeding your family. Plus, they all taste great!

  • No puzzling over what your baby can eat: 56 easy recipes broken into age-appropriate categories
  • Use ingredients you already have in your kitchen
  • Easy snack ideas
  • Fresh, whole foods ingredients
  • Toddler-friendly recipes (and how to get good food into the pickiest eater)
  • Foods older babies and the whole family can enjoy
  • Step-by-step instructions so easy even a kitchen klutz can follow them!

Not Your Mother’s Baby Food Cookbook

It seems like baby food cookbooks are a dime a dozen – but half of them are brimming with boring, bland recipes that taste worse than the stuff in the jars. The rest of them use exotic ingredients that you do don’t eat… isn’t this supposed to be about getting your baby started on the healthy foods you feed your family? First Bites and Beyond is a common-sense approach to feeding your baby with food that you have in your kitchen – and that tastes good!

  • Simple recipes use wholesome ingredients you already have in your kitchen
  • Nourishing but hard-to-find chicken, beef, and fish recipes (plus exactly when you should introduce these foods)
  • Exactly how to shop for, prepare, and freeze each food
  • More than just recipes (packed with valuable nutrition information)
  • Easily include the seasonings your family enjoys
  • Detailed side notes with each recipe (tips, tricks, shopping hints, and nutrition details)

You’ll lose the fright and anxiety that come from managing your little one’s nutrition firsthand – instead feel confident with this proven, common-sense approach to feeding your baby:

  • Easy-to-reference recipes broken down by age range (so you’re confident what to feed and when to feed it)
  • Varied recipes expose your child to the wonderful flavors of fresh food
  • Have a tot ready for tasty adventures? Extra recipes push the envelope with new flavors, textures, and seasonings
  • Comprehensive lists on which foods are easiest for babies to digest, which to avoid completely, and which to hold off on
  • Complete guide to feeding picky eaters (plus detailed information on babies and feeding difficulties)
  • Not your mother’s homemade baby food book – recipes so tasty you’ll steal a bite!

Baby Feeding Know-How at Your Fingertips

Modern baby foods and recipes set your child up for obesity and poor eating habits. But did you know you can easily make food to keep your child slim, strong, and eager to eat healthy meals? You’ll discover just how to do this and more:

  • Why new moms are able to make baby food with even the busiest of schedules… even if they’re totally lost in the kitchen.
  • WARNING – you may be feeding your baby these 2 common first foods that destroys baby’s digestion
  • The truth about food allergies. Why introducing these 3 foods early is a good idea.
  • What you shouldn’t give your baby before age 2
  • If you’ve got five minutes of time, I guarantee you can make a healthy meal for your baby
  • No more fighting over food. Just use this method to get your baby eating solid foods with gusto.
  • Better than organic baby food. Give your baby 9x the nutrition of jarred baby foods – even organic ones!
  • The top 4 baby foods every mom should know about
  • The single most important nutrient your baby’s brain needs (and they’re telling you not to give it to him!)

I help moms with nutrition issues ranging from preconception to toddler meals – and I consistently provide valuable advice that makes a real difference for them, and most importantly for their babies.

Not to mention I’m raising up seven healthy, happy kids with the same nutrition principles I teach. I’ve learned more and more along the way – but I consistently “walk my talk”. My vibrant, bright, healthy children have never had a major illness, recover from seasonal bugs quickly, have never had a cavity or tooth problems, do great at their schoolwork and play, and well… I think Cassidy, Asher, Brennan, Galen, and Honor are all pretty darn cute 😉

First Bites and Beyond: Nourishing Your Baby and Toddler has been a labor of love, pulling together my countless hours of research and practical “hands on” experience into an easy-to-read guide.

Why have I done all this work? I see moms and babies suffering – failure to thrive, obesity, tooth decay, hyperactive, unhappy kids. And I know nutrition plays a big part. I want you to have the truth because it’s vital for you – and your precious child.

There are simple suggestions to make wonderful, nourishing foods practical for today’s kitchen (and let me remind you most of them can be made in minutes!)

Don’t worry about finding the diaper bag, getting your baby dressed, and hauling everything out to the car so you can get across town to the bookstore – you get First Bites and Beyond via instant download! Curl up with your nursling and read. Or put on the audio and listen while you travel with your baby in your favorite baby carrier – the natural choice for moms and babies on the move!

Whole Foods Baby Food – Right When Your Baby Needs It

Jarred baby food is expensive and, well, tasteless. Making your baby’s food only takes a couple of minutes while you prepare your own meal – or a few minutes longer fills the freezer full of nature’s goodness (customized for your baby). You can download my book instantly and make real baby food, really easily today. The cost for the First Bites and Beyond Book Package w/ All the Bonuses is now only $47 $20.


Information-Packed Bonuses You’ll Also Receive

In addition to the wealth of practical wisdom you’ll get in First Bites and Beyond, I’ve put together several bonus resources to go along with it:

Bonus #1: Picky Eaters and Feeding Difficulties

Dealing with a picky eater (or afraid one lurks in the future)? Wondering about feeding difficulties, or have a special needs baby? Get tips you can use right away to help your picky eater – and know exactly what steps to take if you’re worried your baby is having a little too much trouble starting solid foods.

Bonus #2: Food Allergies and Intolerances

You’ll sleep soundly at night knowing you can immediately pick up on allergy signs, plus you’ll be armed with info to identify food intolerance and get the relief your child needs.

Bonus #3: Solids Readiness Chart

Handy picture chart shows you common solids readiness signs – with no corporate profit agenda trying to push you into meals before you or baby are ready.

Bonus #4: Solids Checklists

Complete, organized charts on how to progress with wholesome foods over time. Plenty of room for you to make notes and add your baby’s unique taste adventures.

Bonus #5: “Bookmark List” of Vital Resources

OK… I walk my talk – and I back it up, too. I’ve put together an awesome resource for you with First Bites – but I know you’re an intelligent parent and want to look into the research yourself. This “bookmark list” is a go-to list for great books, articles, websites, and other resources to help you make the best choices for your little one – and your whole family.

Bonus #6: 30 Days of Unlimited Email Consultation

I’m here for anything you need – get advice on starting solids, dealing with picky eaters, or toddler-friendly foods. Begin your 30 days when you want… if you’re pregnant now you can wait until your baby is ready to start solids. Has your smooth sailing into solids hit rocky waters? Send me an email.

Click to Order First Bites and Beyond Now

It’s Easy to Give Your Baby the Best Start

Giving the right wholesome foods to your little one couldn’t be easier. The cost of the First Bites and Beyond package is just $37. That includes the complete 5-section guide to nourishing your baby – and the companion audio. You also get all 6 bonuses (including unlimited consultation with me, a bonus I may remove at any time).

Even though these prices are extremely reasonable, here’s what’s really important. If this guide was just another set of “start with rice cereal at 4 months then follow your doctor’s recommendations” article… another cheap ticket to poor health for your baby, it wouldn’t matter what the price is. It wouldn’t be worth it.

But if you can know with complete certainty every meal you prepare will nourish your child (naturally), and have the total peace of mind you need to really relish the adventure of introducing solids to your baby, and get the tips and techniques you need to get out of the kitchen and back to enjoying what’s important to you, what is that actually worth to you?

Listen, I obviously can’t put an exact dollar figure on it – only you know how valuable it is. But I can tell you this: this program could very possibly be the best investment you make in the lifetime health of your child.

You only get one chance to start your baby off right.

To get on track to making wholesome, nourishing foods for your baby as easily as possible, go ahead and order with the secure order form right now.

Click to Order First Bites and Beyond Now

Now that I’ve told you about this no-risk way to introduce nutrient-dense, natural foods to your baby, the next move is up to you.

You and I already know if you’ve read this far, you have a strong interest in making sure your child is as healthy as possible. All that’s left is to take the action to do it.

If you want to secure a healthy future for your child… if you want to stop worrying about obscure nutrients and ten different daily supplements… if you want to relax and enjoy mealtimes with your baby, you owe it to yourself and your little one to take advantage of this resource.


Can you imagine yourself laughing along with your baby as he or she delights in tasty and nutritious new foods? If so, go ahead and click the order button above.

I look forward to seeing pictures of you and your beautiful, healthy baby – and I’m sure I’ll hear how much First Bites and Beyond has made a difference in your lives.

In Joy,

First Bites and Beyond and All Bonuses are yours instantly as digital downloads

P.S. I’ve dedicated many, many late nights to helping parents and babies through my website and newsletter – and I’m ready to keep going the extra mile. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

I can’t wait to hear how much the guide has helped you relax and enjoy your baby and mealtimes – and I look forward to expanding it even more as you give me great feedback. Order your copy today and let me know just how it’s helping you.

thank you for claifying my thoughts

I thought this information was very useful. I have always wondered about rice cereal as well.

I am going to be making my own baby food, and my mother was like, “you will also need to feed her store bought food because its fortified.” And I keep thinking “but isn’t nature best?!”

My daughter is 3 months and when she was 2 months my mother-in-law asked me if I was feeding her mushed food yet? I was like, ummmm nooo!!

I actually read that babies who are fed solids to early are likely to develop diabetes and be overweight later in life. Anyway, thank you for clarifying my thoughts.

– Helena Dodge

The Info is So Helpful

Thanks for the info about cereal, it is so helpful for me especially when this is your first baby

– Graciela

How to Make a Healthy Life for My Baby Happen

There are so many healthy things I want to do for my baby, but don’t know where to start. This shows me that #1 my dreams are possible, and #2 how to make them happen. I love the encouragement.

– Mandy Robbins

Thank You For Specific Journal References

Thank you so much for this info Kristen! We have begun thinking about solids – my son is 5months and we’re planning on BLW [baby led weaning].

However, the “iron” issue with skipping cereals has been on my mind. Although I knew some of the facts, hearing them from you referenced in specific journals was so helpful.

– Caitlin

You Have Been So Helpful.

Thank you, thank you soooo much! You have been so helpful. It is really difficult to find supportive information out there!

I have decided to wait to give Penelope solids until a few more months. Ideally I will wait at least until she is near 9 months (when my husband gets back from deployment). She will be more developed and ready to handle the solids (and I will have more thoroughly researched the subject). Thank you again for your thoughts!

– Kimberlee

I really appreciate the time and dedication

I can’t say how helpful your site is from pregnancy on. You are not just spouting facts you are actually living and trying out these principles. I really appreciate the time and dedication you have to the site.

Your email about being fired by your doctor was really, really inspiring for me because I know that I have a fight when it comes to being “nontraditional” in what I want…

Many, Many, Many Thanks for all your hard work.

– Karen Winter

I Just Know This Will Work


With my other little ones, biting was one reason we started just pumping into a bottle for feedings (this way they still got the breastmilk!).

But after reading these two tips, I feel much more reassured that I will be able to continue nursing even through the baby’s teething! THANK YOU!! Most other advice I’ve gotten was simply to stop nursing or just break the latch and then continue.

I just know this will work for the new baby (due in May!)! 🙂

– ‘Bin

Full of Some of the BEST Information

I really just wanted to quickly tell you how MUCH I LOVE your site. It is FULL of some of the BEST pregnancy, birth and infant care information I’ve EVER heard!

– Michelle

This is a WHOLE new world

Thank you soooooo much for the visual WITH the detailed descriptions!

I’m a first time mom and have found myself to be very hesitant to start solids. Don’t want to do the wrong thing at the wrong time for my baby. Potential alergies to consider, making sure they are the right consistancy so he doesn’t gag…etc. So much to think about! It can be overwhelming.

So, thank you! This is a WHOLE new world for me and my husband and I are only just getting started :0)

– Melissa

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