Discover How to Stop Back and Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Beyond

Dear Hurting Mama,

Is pregnancy pain driving you crazy – and ruining your ability to enjoy your pregnancy? Or did you think the pain would end when your baby was born, but weeks or even months later, you're still struggling?

Are you frustrated because you know this is supposed to be a joyful time when you feel great – full of energy to enjoy that beautiful baby bump, or able to take your baby on plenty of family adventures – but instead you're stuck at home, hobbled by pain?

Is daily life a challenge because it's hard to move? Are you worried about jarring your back, your pelvic area, or creating an even larger separation between your tummy muscles – scared of the pain and paralyzed from enjoying even day-to-day activities?

If so, you're not alone! So many women have pregnancy-related pain… and for many of them it continues for months after their pregnancies. I experienced hints of pain in my second and third pregnancies, but by my fourth pregnancy it was so intense it took my breath away. I decided to “grin and bear it,” know that it would be gone when the baby arrived…

…except it didn't go away. Months after his birth I was still in pain. I had a hard time walking. I felt more like an old woman then a new mom!!!

I went to a chiropractor regularly, but the pain was still there. And to add insult to injury, I had extreme abdominal pain during and especially after my 5th pregnancy. My midwife told me that on top of everything else, I had a huge diastasis – a separation of my abdominal muscles. I felt like I was falling apart!

That's where my quest to find out how to handle pregnancy pain really started – and I've been researching since then.

Ending Mothers' Pain

Pregnancy-related pain is actually very frustrated and little-understood. Mamas don't want to take pain medications that might impact their babies or breastfeeding. And women tend to do just what I did – smile and hide the pain. I can't help but think that if it were men experiencing the pain, it would have been figured out by now!

Not surprisingly, it has taken women to really dig into and explore what's going on with pregnancy-related back pain, pelvic pain, and abdominal wall complications.

This is pioneering work – many doctors and even midwives are not aware that we now know so much that can help relieve and even completely end pregnancy-related pain.

That's why I've put together a class on how you can take back control – and enjoyment – of your life. I feel passionately about helping mamas and babies, but this class is one of the ones that's especially near and dear to my heart!

The idea of a pregnancy free from pain really makes me smile – and I want to make it happen for you!

The Smart Mama's Guide to Stopping Pain in Pregnancy and Postpartum

This class zeros in on the most common pain points for moms during and after pregnancy: back pain, pelvic/groin pain, and abdominal muscle separation (and the pain and weakness that go along with it). We'll also discuss some related issues that women often experience, like varicosities and nerve pain.

Here's what you'll discover in the class:

  • Why pregnant women experience pain during pregnancy
  • Common misconceptions about pregnancy pain (hint: if they tell you it's not treatable, they're wrong!)
  • A simple exercise you can do TODAY to start to banish pelvic and back pain for good
  • SPD, Pelvic Girdle Pain… which name is right? And which name will get you the answers you need…
  • How to get comfortable sitting – and how to feel comfortable sleeping!
  • Tools you need to have on hand to chase away the pain (and keep it gone)
  • How to prepare for birthing your baby if you've been experiencing pelvic or back pain
  • Exercising and staying fit (these will not only keep you toned, they actually reduce pain!)
  • Caring for your baby and yourself and you're coping with (and curing) postpartum pain
  • How to move your body in ways that keep away the pain – and keep you feeling flexible for years to come
  • Enjoying life – pain free!

Imagine taking a walk while you rub your big baby belly, feeling the sun on your face, a breeze in your hair, and your precious baby kicking – nothing but enjoyment! Imagine waking up in the morning without pain, without your hips popping, without your back aching! Would you feel more confident about birthing, about mothering your baby? How would it feel to know you can run after your tot as easily as when you were a kid yourself? You can end the pain and enjoy life again!

I cover everything you need to know to make back and pelvic pain (and back pain) a distant memory – from exercises you can do to bring relief right away, to how to modify your daily routine so the pain never returns… and you can look forward to future pregnancies with you. You'll find strong and confident – ready to chase your little one around, climb the stairs, and even sleep in comfort again.

This is a full, 1-hour class and also includes videos to show you exactly what to do. It may take time for all the pain to end, but I guarantee you'll start to feel relief within a few days 🙂 Normally I charge $67 for a detailed video class, but having pain-free pregnancies is very near and dear to my heart… I want ALL women to have this information… so the class is priced at $27 🙂

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