Sweet Swim Babies!






It’s hot outside and my kids keep begging to go to the lake for a swim! Maybe you can’t go jump in the water, but you sure can enjoy these sweet little swimmers!

I’ve always found it fascinating how well babies can swim when they’re in an around the water frequently. They really seem to love it! Even if you can’t take your baby to a pool or baby swim classes, you can support your little one as he or she plays in the bathtub. It’s easiest if you hop in the tub with your tiny baby, but as baby gets bigger you can sit outside a tub of shallow water and keep a watchful eye. You can even help your baby learn to float on his or her back in the bathtub (keep a supportive hand behind baby’s head and neck).

Remember, warm water is plenty for play and rinsing away milk and “dirt necklaces” – you don’t need soap every time. Just let your little one experience the joy of the water.

If you can take your little one to swim classes or down to the lake, the two of you will have even more freedom to explore – even under the water for short periods of time! An experienced instructor will help you know what’s safe and what should wait 🙂

Enjoy the cool babies!

Drying off Baby

This little guy takes a break for a minute between laps 😉

Goofy Underwater Baby

Here’s a fully supported little one getting to experience being under water! Classic expression 😀

Grinning Baby

Just letting baby splash around is a great introduction to the pool.


I love this dramatic shot – beautiful interpla of light and bubbles, but most of all I love how confident and free this little one is during her swim!


Toddlers who have spent a lot of time in the water really feel confident going under!


Mama helps this little guy start to get a feel for floating.


Great place to be when you need to cool off!


You can see how this baby is supported while learning to do a back float. Back floats are often the most intimidating for new swimmers, so if you can keep your little one feeling comfortable with this from babyhood, it makes swimming skills easier to learn.


Another bubble fun shot!


Little diver!


Keeping things fun and relaxed in the water can help even nervous babies and tots learn to love swimming.


Another nice example of supporting a small baby while letting him float on his back. You can do this in the bathtub with your baby!


Getting his or her face wet is another good experience for little ones – teaching him or her to blow bubbles is lots of fun!


So cute!


Splashing and exploring in shallow water!


Another little diver!!


Sweet water babies 😀


She’s having a good time!


This little one isn’t too sure what to think about going under!


Lots of fun while secure in mama’s arms!


Another babe has fun exploring from the safety of mama’s arms.


This little one is floating with head support by mom’s shoulder.



Even newborn babies can play in the water. Some say that if you keep babies in the water from the time they are very small, they never learn a fear of swimming.


Sweet swimmer smiles!


And sweet laughs and giggles!


Another experience with being underwater!


This little girl is encouraged by Mama and big brother!


Mama helps baby float on her tummy and explore the water!


This little one rides on mama’s back as he explores the pool.

matching-mama-baby Not too sure about the taste of the pool!


Another newbie gets to have some fun in the pool 🙂

Happy Baby Underwater

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