BBL 154: Why You Need to Take Your Baby Outside

Did you know that being outside in nature is good for babies - even newborns?  In fact, it's essential for babies and children to spend time in nature exploring.  This must-listen episode covers why being outside is vital for your child - and gives practical tips to make it happen!
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Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Why being outside is vital to the lifelong health of your baby
  • Attention problems, poor posture, high levels of aggression - these are just some of the problems caused by lack of outside time.  Listen in for the full list
  • How being in nature can overcome many problems seen in childhood today
  • Why your childhood outdoor play set you up for far better health than most kids have today
  • How being outdoors enhances your child's brain - and grows creativity
  • Why having time to play freely outside is essential for helping kids become leaders
  • The dangers of indoor overstimulation
  • How nature stimulates in a safe and enriching way
  • How to safely take your baby outside in any weather
  • What the research says on letting babies nap outside
  • Getting your older kids outside
  • Resources to help you on your journey to more nature time
  • Why YOU need to get outside, too!

Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast

The meme I mentioned in the podcast:

Stick figures doing everything in front of a computer
  • MamaBaby Birthing - my online natural childbirth class & coaching
  • Great Pregnancy - my full course on having a great pregnancy.  This course is now included in MamaBaby Birthing!
  • Balanced and Barefoot - a MUST READ book for every natural-minded mama!
  • Last Child in the Woods covers "Nature Deficit Disorder" and how it impacts our children
  • Go to Sleep - my baby sleep course covers newborn, infant, and toddler sleep
  • Katy Bowman - great information on how to incorporate movement into your life and make outdoors part of your routine
  • 1000 Hours Outside - need inspiration to get outside with your kids?  Love challenges?  This one is for you!
  • Loewenwood Forest Homeschool
  • Ella's Wool - where I got my kids' wool longies from (My "woolies" are from Meriwool and I love them - I wear them every morning on our walk)
  • Call of the Wild + Free: This beautiful book will inspire you, show you how to make room for the outdoors, and gives a helpful primer on homeschool life if you're interested in that!
  • Free at Last - while I don't completely agree with democratic schools as a model, there is a lot of wisdom to be gleaned from this amusing and inspiring little book.  It will also help you find the freedom to include outside time in your days <3

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Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
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