Discover How to Tame the Tantrums (Once and for All) While Feeling Closer and More Connected to Your Child Than Ever Before

Dear fellow mama,

Do you find yourself tip-toeing around your child, afraid to give directions, say "no," "it's time to go," or even make a suggestion...

...because you know that the tears and tantrums will start?

Do you follow your child around throughout the day, trying hard to put out fires while you desperately work to juggle your home, meals, and other little ones?

Or maybe you feel like your child is trying to say something with the meltdowns, but you just can't make it out. Maybe you feel frustrated because as soon as you solve one problem, there's another one bringing fresh tears...

...if so, believe me, you're not alone. My name is Kristen, I'm a mother of 7, and I've seen my share of tantrums! I've also been running a pregnancy and baby website & classes for more than a decade - literally thousands of moms have reached out for help. Toddler tantrums and (no so) tiny meltdowns can confuse even the most devoted parent, especially if you believe in careful, conscious parenting.

See, I pictured idyllic days with my little ones... reading stories, playing games, and just enjoying life together. I had read everything I could find about intentional, conscious, (even enlightened!), parenting. But nothing quite prepared me for the intensity of emotions in my little ones.

And lets face it - no book or magazine article about respectfully handling temper tantrums helps you to get to the root of the problem. They teach you how to survive from tantrum to tantrum - but it doesn't take much to realize that surviving through them isn't helping.

I was frustrated and tense - and my kids...

...they weren't happy when tantrums were the only way to express themselves. They often went from one sobbing session to another. It was not what I pictured things would be like - and in my heart I knew that children should be free to be happy - not caught up in perpetual tantrums.

Fortunately, experienced moms step in where child development "experts" leave off - with practical tips, tricks, and tools to help overcome tantrums and leave everybody happier (and even healthier). 16+ years of parenting, 7 of my own toddlers, and the wisdom of other mothers has helped me (and keeps helping - I'm still in the trenches, too) - and it will help you, too!

That's why I've created:

The Smart Mama's Guide to Taming the Tantrums Once and For All

This special two-part class covers the root causes of tantrums, how to respond to tantrums, and digs deep into how to help your child overcome tantrums, once and for all.

We don't stop there, though. Tantrums are an emotional response - and every mother wants to show her child that she cherishes and values them. You know that means understanding their emotions. We'll dig into practical steps that help you know what's on your child's heart...

...and help your child share feelings, solve problems, and thrive without tantrums.

Here's what you'll discover in this two-part class:

  • What's going on behind the tantrum
  • Respecting (and solving) the root problem while you turn off tantrums forever
  • How to listen to your intuition about your child and use it to make practical choices that benefit the whole family
  • When it's time to get your doctor involved (and when they really don't help)
  • Why tantrums stick around, even after you solve medical issues, food allergies, and other common causes
  • Conscious, intentional parents often make this crucial mistake - here's how to quickly correct it
  • Creating a plan that takes everyone's needs into account
  • This key foundation eases discipline needs almost instantly

You'll also understand:

  • The right attitude to take with toddler tantrums (and how the wrong one hurts you and your child... this isn't what you think!)
  • When to use redirection and when to ignore tantrums
  • How to stay present and available - while you let your older tot know it's time for tantrums to stop
  • What you should and should not say for meltdowns at every age and stage
  • How to handle a violent tantrum
  • The exact steps you should take when a meltdown starts in public
  • This crucial key should never be ignored
  • Exactly what consistency means - and how it can help you stop meltdowns forever
  • How to fill your child's heart (and days) with love and laughter
  • Most parents forget this vitally important part of parenting - here's how to get it right and have a happier, healthier (and even more successful) child
  • Quality time and Quantity time - how they play into tantrums (and how to use them to stop meltdowns)
  • How to respond to meltdowns at every stage: in babies, toddlers, preschoolers (and a few tips for older kids)

I've created this full and dynamic class because every family and every child is different - but experienced mamas and my own years of experience have taught me that certain things are true for every child, every family, and for every tantrum!

Every family can use these practical techniques to enjoy smoother, happier days full of love. You can feel confident that you're really listening to your child - without needing earplugs!

This 2-part series is brimming with tried-and-true ways to hear your child, acknowledge your child, and love your child deeply. It's also full of practical strategies to overcome tantrums and enjoy life more. You'll feel calmer and more confident about parenting - and you and your child will be happier and healthier.

Click to stop meltdowns and tantrums - once and for all!


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