IMPORTANT: Read The Letter Below BEFORE You Go Through the 2nd Trimester Guide
(Allow 10-15 minutes for delivery)

Discover How To Have
A Fantastic 2nd Trimester
So You Can Have a Healthy Baby

Dear Fellow Mama,

Are you worried you’re not eating the right things to have a healthy, intelligent baby?

Are you frustrated because you’re going through your pregnancy and your doctor or midwife doesn’t really explain how to stay healthy?

Or you perhaps struggling because you’re not feeling as well during your pregnancy as you think you should?

If so, I understand how you feel.  Many mamas before you have felt exactly the same way, and I did too.  I was constantly anxious about my meals – was I getting enough protein?  Was I gaining the right amount?  I didn’t understand the tests I was offered and felt too nervous to ask my midwife to explain everything to me.  I knew I was supposed to have that “pregnancy glow” and feel great but some days I just wondered if I was managing to take the steps to have a healthy baby – forget about worrying over myself!

However, after birthing seven babies, I’ve discovered exactly what it takes to have a great second trimester.  And the good news is, I’ve decided to create a training program that will teach you exactly what to do – and how to do it!

Before I tell you all about the training, lets talk a little about the second trimester…

The MamaBaby Birthing Guide: Your 2nd Trimester

The second trimester is an amazing time in your pregnancy, full of incredible growth for your baby (and your beautiful belly).

Your choices in this trimester set the stage for good health and a complication-free pregnancy.

How would it feel to be confident about what you should eat to grow a healthy baby – and feel good about your own body at the same time?

Would it make a difference if you really understood the tests at your doctor or midwife’s office? If you knew which to say “yes” to, and which to say “no” to? If you knew how to make sure all of the test results look perfect – because your pregnancy is going perfectly?

I’ve created this training to encourage you and to guide you through your second trimester with a natural focus – because you know that’s best for your baby.

Here’s What’s Included in The MamaBaby Birthing Guide to the Second Trimester

The second trimester guide is packed with reassuring information in an easy-to-use format. I use high-quality video and audio to show you all the information you need to know.

I walk with you, step-by-step, as you go through:

  • An overview of your baby’s 2nd trimester development
  • Making sense of prenatal tests and getting the most out of your appointments
  • What’s safe (and what isn’t) during this trimester
  • Diet do’s and don’ts
  • A realistic look at exercise (for health and for birth preparation)
  • A guide to what you may be thinking and feeling
  • Natural help for common concerns during the second trimester
  • Where to start when your thoughts turn towards birth

Plus, you’re going to discover

  • Picking the perfect pregnancy exercise routine
  • Kick Counting (if you should do it, when you should do it, and why you might do it)
  • Why you need to put this on your table – even though everyone says to avoid it
  • It’s not about counting calories (here’s the skinny on getting a chubby, healthy baby while looking great)
  • Fact vs. Fiction: is ultrasound safe for your baby?

Plus, you’ll understand

  • Handling heartburn, constipation, and all those other uncomfortable pregnancy moments
  • What they’re looking for when you pee in a cup (hint: I’ve got the cheat sheet to help you ace this test every time)
  • The scoop on sex
  • Warning signs you need to know (and how to make sure you never see them)
  • Stretch marks, swelling, and sleepless nights – are they unavoidable?

This incredible training program is going to teach you what to do and how to do it to have a healthy, intelligent baby.  I normally charge $150 per hour to teach these steps one-on-one.  This program is 2 hours long, so if I were to teach you one-on-one personally, it would be at least $300 of my scheduled time.

However, because I’ve put this together so that you can study it on your own time, I’m releasing it for $97.  But, for the first 100 mamas who download this training, I’m going to reduce the price to $97 $19

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PS. You nay be thinking right now “Do I really need this information?”  And my question to you is – are you absolutely sure you’re eating the right things to have a healthy, smart baby?  Taking the right steps?  Asking your doctor or midwife the right questions?  Let me say this, if you aren’t sure, it’s your baby’s life at stake, and mama to mama, I highly recommend you make the small investment of $19 to change your baby’s life forever.