IMPORTANT: Read The Letter Below BEFORE You Go Through the 3rd Trimester Guide
(Allow 10-15 minutes for delivery)

“How to Get Ready for
a Smart, Healthy Baby
and a Great Birth
in Your Third Trimester”

Dear Fellow Mama,

Are you concerned that you’re not doing everything you can to give your baby’s brain optimal development?

Do you feel frustrated because you can’t get clear answers on preventing prematurity and other complications with you and baby?

Or perhaps you’re struggling with how to prepare for a safe and smooth birth – you have the best intentions for your baby, but you’re not sure how to make them reality.

Don’t worry, I completely understand how you feel. I’ve worried about the same things (and worried about what worrying was doing to my baby!). Was prematurity just luck or could I reduce the risks? Could I make sure my baby was smart and healthy?  Could I reduce the chance of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, or other pregnancy problems?  Then there was the “biggie” – birth. My mom always told me my aunt “just spit babies out.” It sounded like she was magic and, well, other women just weren’t. How could I be one of those smooth birthing women with a chubby little baby to show for it?

The good news is, after giving birth to seven healthy babies, I’ve discovered just what’s needed for a fabulous third trimester – and a smooth start to life with baby. The best part? I’ve put together a class that will teach you what you need to do – and how you need to do it!

Before I talk about the class, let me share why the third trimester is so important…

The MamaBaby Birthing Guide: Your 3rd Trimester

Your third trimester is filled with excitement and anticipation – these final weeks of pregnancy are packed with opportunity and promise.

Your choices in this trimester literally build your baby’s brain and prepare your body for a safe, smooth birth.

How would it feel to know you’ve taken the exact steps needed to prevent an early arrival – and give your baby the best possible start in life? Would you be excited to understand how your baby’s brain grows rapidly in this trimester… to know exactly what to eat and what to do to support that?

Would it be nice to know exactly what tests are done in the third trimester (and how they can impact your birth)? If you understand the scientific evidence behind them, and how to talk to your care provider – so he or she really listens?

What if you felt confident that you were preparing for labor and birth in a way that gives you the best chance of a great natural birth?

I’ve created this class to encourage you and get you through your third trimester, with a natural focus. You want only the best for your baby.

Here’s What’s Included in The MamaBaby Birthing Guide to the Third Trimester

I’ve filled this guide with expert, reasurring information you can use right away. I recorded the guide with high-quality video and audio so I actually walk and talk you through what you need to know.

I take you by the hand guide you through

  • An overview of your baby’s 3rd trimester development
  • The crucial brain and bone development your baby is going through
  • Procedures you MUST refuse (and why – be careful, they may not tell you they’re doing one of these!)
  • What’s safe (and what’s not) during this trimester
  • Eat for health – stop pregnancy complications – before they start
  • Group B Strep (how to avoid it – and how to get rid of it if you test positive)

Plus you’re going to discover

  • Fact vs. Fiction: is prematurity preventable?
  • How to get the sleep you need, plus the real deal on what sleep positions are safe
  • This food stops postpartum hemorrhage from happening
  • How to dump back pain, hip pain, and prep for birth while you do it
  • 3 keys to perfect baby positioning

And you’ll understand

  • 3rd trimester Testing (including Gestational Diabetes and GBS Tests)
  • The truth on safety: travel, sex, baths, and more
  • How to prevent a low birth weight baby (and get a chubby, healthy one)
  • Exactly what to do now to make rich breastmilk for your baby
  • How you can really know you’re doing everything to have a healthy baby
  • Proven ways to fight fatigue and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy

This fantastic class is going to teach you what you need to do (and guide you through how to do it) to boost your baby’s brain power and get your body ready for birth – because this is the prime time to do it! Usually I charge one-on-one clients $150 an hour to walk them through these steps. The 3rd Trimester Guide is 2 hours long, so if I were to sit down and teach you personally, it would be $300 out of my consulting time.

However, because I’ve put this class together so you can dig into it on your time, I’m releasing it for $97. But I’m going to give the first 100 mamas who download the guide the price of $97 $19

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P.S. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “do I really need this information?” My question for you is – are you sure you’re confident and doing what you need to do to prepare your body for a smooth and safe birth? Are you taking the steps you need to to give your baby everything he or she needs for the best start in life? If you’re not sure about this, it’s your health – and your baby’s – that are at just left up to chance and “luck” – from one mama to another I highly recommend you make the small investment of $19 to change your baby’s life forever 🙂