The Many Faces of Baby

Smug little guy!

Need a laugh – or even a smile? These babies are here just for that! Some of them are outright hilarious, but I find myself amazed at just how expressive babies are. We think of how beautiful they are when they sleep, or how stressful it is when they cry, but it's incredible to look at the range that lies in between those two extremes.

I picked these pictures while my own little Sadie is 5 weeks old – I love to watch all of her many expressions, and I hope you enjoy seeing all the faces here 😀

Hmm how does this taste baby

Hmm, tastes like chicken.

Awww shucks little girl

Awww, you made me blush!

Awww yeah, I've got an idea!

Oh yeah, I've got a great idea tonight…

Little chipmunk cheeks!

Chipmunk Cheeks!

Did I say that???

Yep, I really did say that 😉

Little cool guy santa

Loved this little guy, looks like he knows he's adorable!

Oh I don't wanna

Here's the classic “I don't wanna!!” face.  Much cuter in the picture than when you're dealing with it in real life, I'll admit 😉

I finally found it

“Hey guys, look what I just found…!”

It's after us!!

“You want me to eat what??”

It's not fair!

Aww here's another classic face – that little pouting face.  So cute (at least until it turns into a scream).

It was just too much for this babe

Yep, this little one is totally out of it!

Smug little guy!

Smug little guy!

Little tough guy

“Hey, who do you think you're looking at?”

Really surprised little one

It's a crazy world out there!

Say what?

“Say what??”

So ecstatic little baby!

“Oooh, I'm so excited!!”

Strawberry fields forever

Strawberry fields forever 😉 Simple, pure joy – childlike wonder you hope they never use.

This toy is terrifying baby

“What is this thing???”

Totally out of it little guy

Sooooo sleepy.  But fighting!  A hallmark of babyhood.

Totally relaxed

Another one to make you melt 🙂

What are you trying to say?

“I don't even wanna talk to you, buddy.”

What is that???

“Ahhhhh!  What is this thing!!!?”

What is this thing?

“What kind of a ride do you have me on?!”

Wow that's tart!

“Wow that's tart!” Such a cutie!

Yay lets go baby!

“Yay, lets get going!”  or perhaps, “Oh that was so funny!”

Oh my goodness baby!

“I have never seen anything like this!”

Oh my gosh it was so cool!

“Oh it was so cool!!”

What What Do You Mean?

“Wait… what did you say??”

You said what about my hat?

“You got a problem with my hat??”

Smug little guy!

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