Trenton’s Birth – Birth Center

By Addy, USA

I was dilated to seven centimeters and put on bed rest when I was 36 weeks, but two days later I had high blood pressure again so my midwife decided to bring me in and see if we could get me to continue to dilate so I could have the baby.

I went in at 3 in the afternoon and started to walk the stairs. At 8 in the evening I was dialated to 8 centimeters so my midwife broke my water. I kept walking around the three ajoining rooms while my husband, mother, midwife, my doula, an R.N., and a 13 year old who wants to be a midwife all sat in one of the other rooms joking around and watching movies. I loved it!

The birthing center and having a midwife and being able to do what I want was so relaxing. I think thats why I didn't feel any of the contractions because when the midwife checked me I was fully dilated. News to me. I didn't even feel the urge to push.

I started pushing at 9:40 p.m. (we didn't know the sex of this baby)and my son Trenton was born May 6th 2006. I had no medications, no tearing, and no other problems or complications after birth. If I knew how much better it was with a midwife I think I would have had my other two with one. I would never birth a baby with an OBGYN again unless it is neccessary. I had a wonderful natural childbirth!!!

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