BBL 157: The Truth About Exercise and Childbirth with Deb Flashenberg

Can pregnancy exercise make labor and delivery harder? Deb Flashenberg, founder of the Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC, joins me for today's episode to talk about how exercise impacts labor and delivery. You don't want to miss this episode as she busts myths and teaches you a balanced perspective on prenatal fitness!

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Things I discuss in this episode:

  • Why should women exercise during pregnancy (hint: it's not just for weight control!)
  • The truth about how exercise impacts labor and delivery
  • Deb's tips for balancing exercise so you have a smoother, easier birthing time
  • How to use your exercise time to "practice" for an easier birth
  • The benefits of prenatal exercise
  • How to adapt your pre-pregnancy exercise routines
  • Honoring and trusting yourself in pregnancy and birth
  • This exercise practice will help you stay more confident and in control during labor
  • Examples of daily/weekly exercise routines for pregnant mamas
Pregnant mom doing yoga

Things mentioned in this episode

Mom doing yoga

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