The Perfect Shortcut to Better Sleep for Babies, Toddlers
and Tired Parents

(no crib required)

  • Discover signs of sleepiness (from them most obvious to what you’d never guess)… hint: letting your babe or tot get overtired means they cannot wind down and drift off – so you must catch the cue!
  • The perfect sleep routine to get your baby or toddler primed for bed (or naps) – so they drift off quickly and easily.
  • Proven strategies for nighttime and nap time wakings – what to do, how to comfort, and how to help them back to sleep.
  • Printable sleep logs (baby and toddler styles) so you can figure out your little one’s natural rhythms – and gently guide them to sleep patterns that work for the whole family
Baby Sleep Crib Sheet

"I've used these sleep strategies and charts to keep my sanity - and get some sleep - with my own 8 kiddos! Download them and use them with your little one (or little ones!)... they work!"

Kristen and Corwin

Kristen Burgess
Mama to 8 & Founder of