Willa’s Birth Gallery

Davney and her husband were busy with a full house fostering five kiddos when she realized she was feeling sick and tired… and was shocked when the pregnancy test she bought was positive! She prepared for a natural birth at a birth center, and advocated for herself effectively during labor. She and her husband welcomed sweet Willa and brought her home to her three siblings (adopted as a forever family a short time after Willa’s birth!). Click here to read Willa’s full birth story!

Laboring in the tub with Willa

Laboring in the tub with Willa.

Supporting Mama

Supporting mama as she works with Willa.

Love all around

I love this shot – love and support surrounding mama while she works hard with baby.

Brand New Willa

Here’s the new arrival!

Weighing Willa

Love the feet poking out of the scale pic <3 Tiny Willa Feet

Little Willa feet – so sweet and perfect!

Willa's footprints

Little footprints 🙂

Sweet Willa!

Sweet Willa!

New silbings with Willa

Meeting her new siblings 😀

Willa and Daddy

Cuddling with daddy!

Click here to read Willa’s full birth story!

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Brand New Willa

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