Ready to go from pregnancy anxiety and overwhelm to feeling great... and having your dream birth experience?

I’m a dedicated pregnancy coach for women who want a beautiful birth experience for their baby. I help busy mamas-to-be grow a healthy baby and prepare for a safe, comfortable birth experience, so that they can enjoy their pregnancy without feeling overwhelmed.

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Does any of this resonate with you?

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  • You know diet is key to a healthy baby but you feel overwhelmed and don't know how to juggle meal prep with your busy life
  • You're reading everything you can on pregnancy and birth - but your head feels like exploding from all the conflicting advice and you just don't know what's right
  • You want to take care of yourself and bond with your unborn child - but your days fly by and somehow it just never seems to happen
  • You find yourself second-guessing your birth plans when it seems like your partner or care provider isn't on the same page with the birth you're dreaming of

You've come to the right place

What would it mean if you felt great every day and had energy for your partner, older kids, and bonding with your new child?

So that you finally feel confident in your pregnancy...

...on the same page as your care providers...

...knowing that you're growing a vibrantly healthy baby and on track for your dream birth...

That's what I want for you!

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Personalized pregnancy coaching gives you the resources and peace of mind to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

Here's what I take care of for you:

  • Easy meal plans that keep you low-risk and grow a perfect size baby
  • Fitness routines that you WANT to do (plus they boost your energy - yes please!)
  • A bespoke birth plan and step-by-step guidance on how to talk to your care provider about it
  • Answers to any and all questions (really - voice message me anytime!)
  • Custom postpartum planning so you bounce back fast
  • Steps to enhance your relationships with your partner and older children
  • On-call phone support during your birthing time

If you're pregnant or planning a pregnancy soon, I'm here to support you now!

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Have we met?  I'm Kristen!

I'm a pregnancy coach, childbirth educator, and mama to eight beautiful babies!  I help busy pregnant mamas go from anxious and overwhelmed to having their dream birth and a beautiful beginning with baby!

I draw on 17+ years of experience as a birth worker (and 20+ years experience as a mother!) to help you feel great through out your pregnancy and have a more comfortable birth with your vibrantly healthy baby.

When I'm not digging into the latest pregnancy research or supporting fabulous women, I can be found having homeshool adventures with my little host of children!

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What My Clients Are Saying

I want to say how much you have filled a role for me that hasn't been filled by anybody else.  You're there to support me. You've been there for the ups and the downs...

...I just feel like I was able to pull from you your strength and just your wisdom, your expertise, your knowledge, and your friendship.

And that has meant the world to me.  I love that I'm able to share that with you and feel like you support me and you're there to see me through all of it and you get it and you want me to be successful with it because it's also something that you care about and you're passionate about just as I am and so it's nice to have somebody in that circle with me that I feel like I can be unfiltered with.

I'm grateful that I can just hop on my phone and ask you a question or just reach out to you and you will be there.

Just thank you.

Thank you so much.

And Rocky, he is seriously the happiest, happiest baby boy.

You saw me through his pregnancy and I want you to know he is such a joy, and he's so happy, and he's crawling, and he's just so lively! I look back on his pregnancy and even his birth, it all was beautiful and wonderful and I want to thank you for being there for me, and helping me through all of it.

And again, I feel like you have filled so many different roles in my life that weren't being filled.

Thanks so much, Kristen.


Dear Kristen,

I have a bicornate uterus and I just gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Jane Virginia on February 20. She is my third baby. I've desired a wonderful natural birth experience with all of my babies. It wasn't until I enrolled with you this pregnancy that I was able to accomplish this. I wish I'd have found you with my first baby!

The whole experience was so peaceful and beautiful! The whole time I heard your voice in my head to "work with my baby" and to get her in the optimal position. In one of your teachings you encouraged visualization of the birth you desire. My birth was almost exactly how I visualized it!

Kristen I can't thank you enough for giving me so so many skills to have a successful beautiful natural birth. You not only gave me skills but a brand new mindset about birth. I was extremely fearful about tearing again, the pain, and losing control and your fear workbook helped me get past these. I felt empowered this time going into birth instead of being terrified. Thank you so much!!!



Super quick message.

My baby boy was born yesterday morning.

Amazing !!! Had him in our birth pool, I did it !!!!

Thank you for your was all there. I drew on so much from you. It was truly a conscious birth. I thought my way through all of it. I was PRESENT I stayed with my baby. We worked together. I didn't forget or ignore that he was there or what I was doing this for. My scar never hurt me at all , so my body let me know all was fine and I was able to let that go completely and just concentrate on my work.

Much love and blessings to you.


Want to enjoy your pregnancy, have your dream birth, and give your baby a beautiful beginning... without the anxiety and overwhelm?

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