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Working from home with kids

Working from Home with Young Children

Are you trying to balance working from home with caring for your small children? Or juggling the full-time student load? I share my own experiences working from home and some top tips for making WAHM work for you!

Don't miss the WAHM schedule planner – I give samples of my schedule plus a lot of strategies that have helped me over the years!

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Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Why working from home is ALWAYS an adjustment (even if you don't have little ones)
  • Special isses that arise when doing remote work with small children around
  • How I managed to fit everything in when Scott worked full-time
  • Why you should NOT work 7 days a week
  • How my working schedule has changed as my kids have gotten older (and we've added more babies!)
  • Why you need to teach your little one to have “alone times”
  • How “together playtimes” can buy you some time for work
  • What our days look like with both of us home
  • Candid discussion about some of the stresses of working from home!
  • How to prioritize (hint: there is no right or wrong – it's about Your family)
  • Wht you must put first if you're in business for yourself
  • Considering childcare options

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