How to Handle the Ups and Downs of Pregnancy and Postpartum (the “Baby Blues” and Beyond)

Dear Fellow Mama or Mama-to-Be,

I lay curled on my side in bed, tears streaming down my face. It was December and already dark outside, but I felt black inside. Confused, hopeless, and infinitely guilty. I was crying and praying silently that I could get it together before Scott got home from work, but it was pretty hard to hide just how dark the cloud hanging over me was.

I was four months pregnant and did not want to be pregnant. I struggled every time I thought about the coming baby, and hated myself a little more every time I thought how unfair I was being to the little person growing inside of me.

I was trapped in a cycle that so many new moms and moms-to-be find themselves in… maybe some of this sounds familiar:

Do you feel on top of the world one minute, only to be sobbing the next… leaving you to secretly wonder where the calm, professional, put-together woman you once were went?

Are you concerned that the normal “baby blues” might be something more for you? Confused that what should be the happiest time of your life is turning into your worst nightmare (maybe you feel like it's all your fault… or guilty for thinking that it's all the baby's fault)?

Do you want to know how to handle the “ups and downs” of pregnancy and motherhood feeling reasonably happy, in control, and even fulfilled by shifting your job description to “Mom” (or, as was my case, “Mom again”)?

Maybe you're curious about what you can do to not only survive pregnancy and postpartum, but thrive – and how to do so naturally.

If so, you're not at all alone – in fact, you are in great company. Many, many women experience exactly what you do (or fear). I'll be honest, I know that's not “good news.” But there is a silver lining to a rather dark cloud…

…you can do something about it. That's why I've put together The Smart Mama's Guide to handling Postpartum Depression… perhaps better titled The Smart Mama's Guide to Handling the Ups and Downs of Pregnancy and Postpartum…

The Baby Blues and Beyond

Shortly after the dark, tear-stained day (days) I shared above, things started to look better for me. I can't claim any miracle occurred, but I did make changes to my life that lead to things looking brighter.

Every day was a little better – and it was because I made intentional choices and used practical techniques to overcome. Every woman should know these things… they're not “tips” or “hacks” – they're essentials to not only surviving life, but thriving.

Sometimes pregnancy is tough – and life with a baby and young children is often very tough. Parenting is a wonderful gift, but not any easy one. Being prepared mentally and emotionally can make a big difference. Knowing steps you can take in your day-to-day life makes a big difference. You need to know that what you eat, what you drink (or what you don't) and even how you move impacts you emotionally – it can make a critical difference in your life.

And that trickles down (maybe it pours over) into every area of your life – you become a better mother, a better wife, a better person. You feel right with you. That makes life better for your entire family. And it teaches your children a healthy model of family life and of self-care – crucial lessons that your daughters (and your sons) need to see.

Here's some of what we'll cover in the class:

  • What's “normal” when it comes to pregnancy ups & downs and postpartum “baby blues”
  • How to handle the roller-coaster emotions that come with pregnancy and postpartum (and how to get off the ride and even things out!)
  • Knowing what's safe to take care of naturally – plus a step-by-step plan to naturally feel more positive and ready to mother your baby
  • The role of diet (hint: adding a few foods into your daily diet can make a night-and-day difference in your peace of mind and self-control)
  • The daily essential almost all pregnant and new moms are missing – and have likely been missing since you were a child!
  • Why a little exercise is essential to battling the baby blues, plus how you can make it happen with baby in tow
  • How to feel calm and positive when you have a fussy, high-needs baby
  • What to do when your terrific toddler sometimes (or often) seems terrible… and you feel like you just can't handle it
  • Why creating a simple daily routine can be the most effective step to beat postpartum depression – plus exactly how to do it when you feel like you can't get out of bed
  • Where to look for support (even if you feel like you don't have any)
  • How to find someone to talk to (hint: this can start to turn things around, and there ARE people who will listen without judgment, even if your own thoughts worry you)
  • Easy little habits you can build into your day to help you feel happier and more excited about mothering
  • When handling the ups and downs naturally will work – and how to know if you should consider medications to help
  • Proven, day-to-day minute-by-minute strategies to handle the negative and create the happy life you want for yourself and your little one
  • Feeling hopeful again <3

This is a serious issue that blindsides so many mamas and mamas-to-be. I love pregnancy and I enjoy parenting my children – I never expected to experience profound depression because of my baby. The feelings themselves were overwhelming and the guilt was devastating.

But the good news is, I overcame that. It wasn't miraculous or “overnight,” but it was sure and steady – and it left me not just a happier mother, but a better mother that I would have been before. I used the same steps after Sadie's birth, when I felt that dip into the “baby blues” going a little deeper than I wanted it to – I stopped the slide, stopped the tears, and got back to enjoying my baby!

I'm nothing special 🙂 I have gone through a lot of pregnancies and postpartums (and had more than my fair share of fussy babies!) – and I've discovered what really helps. Plus I've been counseling moms for a decade now – their struggles and triumphs have helped me understand what works, and what doesn't.

I'm going to cover everything in simple, easy-to-follow steps in this class – so you can start turning things around for yourself, your baby, and your family immediately. Imagine feeling in control of your emotions – the confident woman you're used to being…

Imagine feeling excited about your coming baby… looking forward to days and nights with this little person… Or imagine you feel calm and confident about dealing with your newborn. Imagine life free of dark thoughts, desperate thoughts – and full of thoughts where you happily plan your days with your baby, with your kids. Imagine life free of guilt, where you know you're the best mom you can be, and you know you're balancing their needs and your needs so that everyone feels fulfilled…

You can have that 🙂

I want all mamas to have access to this step-by-step plan – not only to overcome, but to even prevent prenatal & postpartum depression from taking hold – this is essential information for women… so I'm pricing this class at just $27. Go ahead and sign up now:

P.S. I love pregnancy and I love babies. I run a birth n' baby website! I never expected this to happen to me – but now I'm grateful that it did, because it means I can help you. Even if you're not worried about prenatal depression, postpartum depression, or the baby blues, they are lurking everywhere. It's crucial that women understand – so that we can prevent this, or take care of it for ourselves, yes, but also so we'll be there for our friends, our sisters, our daughters when they encounter it. We have a silent epidemic, and the only way to beat it is to talk about it – and to show mamas that they CAN overcome. Let me give you practical strategies for yourself – and for any woman you meet that's silently struggling. We can break the silence and bring joy back to pregnancy and motherhood 🙂

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