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What to Eat to Boost Your Breast Milk Supply

Your milk IS what you eat! In this podcast I tell you how to eat to boost your breast milk supply – covering superfoods, what else to eat, and when you should eat it! Topics I Cover in This Podcast: Exactly what to eat for an abundant milk supply How what you eat influences your […]

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Why Your Pregnancy Diet Advice is All Wrong

What you eat makes a difference to your baby! Lily shares 5 surprising pregnancy diet facts that will help you eat exactly what your baby needs most… and help you really enjoy your food. As a dietician with a passion for helping mamas, Lily has read and referenced over 900 studies to bring you the […]

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What Nobody Tells You About Cesarean Section

Staggering numbers of women will give birth through cesarean section this year – but nobody talks about the dangers of c-sections or why it’s important to make sure surgery is truly needed before making the cut. Today’s episode covers the real risks of surgical birth and why reversing the c-section trend is important to mamas, […]

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Should We Take Women Out of Birth?

Language, pronouns, semantics – all are a hot topic today. How is language impacting the world of birth – and why is taking women out of birth much more dangerous that it seems? Details inside this episode… Topics I Cover in This Podcast: Should we take women out of birth? What do the statistics say […]

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Wait… The VBAC Super Power

In the fourth and final part of our VBAC series I share a top-secret super-power every VBAC mama has… the word “wait.” Listen in to find out why this is such a powerful part of your VBAC toolbox <3 Topics I Cover in This Podcast: The option they won’t tell you that you have… Why […]

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VBAC Birth Essentials

What essential skills do you need to prepare for a VBAC birth? This episode covers exactly what you need to do to prepare for birthing your baby – plus how to get baby lined up for a smooth labor and delivery. Topics I Cover in This Podcast: How to “practice” during pregnancy so that you’re […]

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Building Your VBAC Dream Team

Your support team is a big part of a successful VBAC, and today’s episode covers how to assemble a dream team to support you through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We also discuss keeping yourself healthy, strong, and ready for a great birth! Topics I Cover in This Podcast: Why your support team is crucial during […]

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