About Natural Birth and Baby Care.com

Hi, I’m Kristen Burgess, the mama behind this site 😀

I’ve been writing about pregnancy, birth, and baby for over 16 years and have had my writing about natural childbirth featured on Modern Alternative Mama, Parents, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting, among others.

I created Natural Birth and Baby Care.com because:

  • Natural birth is a healthy, empowering choice for you and your baby
  • Sacred, ecstatic birthing benefits both you and your baby – for life!
  • Giving birth naturally is NOT just “luck”
  • Raising a healthy, happy baby (from pregnancy onward) doesn’t have to be complicated

Exploring Natural Birth and Baby Care.com frees you from worrying about being one of those “not lucky ones” or one of those “lucky ones” who has a good pregnancy and a safe (and satisfying) birth.

Uncomplicated pregnancy and good births are not a matter of luck, they’re a matter of taking proven, basic steps that keep you and your baby healthy.

Natural birth is totally natural – and the information here will give you the confidence to know your body (and baby) are healthy and ready to do what they were designed to do. Knowledge is power.

Information on birthing will show you that it’s not about just “getting through pain”… it’s about working with your baby. And once your beautiful baby is here, there’s plenty of info on practical parenting that respects baby and honors the new family you’re creating.

(NOTE: Want a Perfect Birth Plan Template? Use this template and step-by-step videos to write a birth plan that gets your birth team on your side for a beautiful birth experience! Get the birth plan kit here.)

Handle Labor Pain

About Kristen

My name is Kristen Burgess, and I’m a childbirth coach, natural childbirth instructor, and birth assistant – I’ve helped at over two dozen births. I also have eight beautiful children….  I have had wonderful, natural births with each of them! I’ve learned a lot over the course of my pregnancies and births, and as I’ve helped mamas have their babies. I’m incredibly passionate about helping women find their strength and have beautiful, sacred births with their babies.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • I speak my mind and I will tell you how pregnancy works with your lifestyle to create a healthy environment for baby – and give you the best possible chance for a natural birth.
  • I firmly believe that good pregnancies, good births, and healthy babies are not a matter of luck. I will show you how to build a healthy baby, take care of yourself (physically and emotionally), and work with your unique birthing time. You are an awesome mama!
  • I don’t believe in being politically correct – and I don’t believe in guilt. Hindsight is 20/20 and we all learn and grow. Sometimes we realize we can do better with the next baby – Sometimes we realize there was really nothing we could have done. I still give it to you straight, with compassion, and I believe every mama (and dad) should let go of guilt and move forward to celebrate their family and new baby.
  • I believe that some “natural birth advocates” lead moms astray by preaching blind faith in birth – and not enough about working with your unique body and this unique pregnancy and baby.
  • My hope is to give you evidence and facts, but moreso practical information to help you have the safest, best birth and healthiest baby possible… that’s the information that frees you to trust your body and be open to giving birth.

I believe in salvation and sanctification through the Lord Jesus Christ, and thank Him for all I have in this world. I am a mother, a teacher, and a lover of all things birth and baby.

The mission of Natural Birth and Baby Care.com is to:

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