This resource page is full of everything you need for a healthy pregnancy and a great birth - plus a natural baby registry list so you can gather what you need to welcome your little one! I’ll keep this updated, because I’m always studying and discovering more myself – but for now this makes an easy way for me to direct you to trusted resources. Go ahead and bookmark this page so you can conveniently reference it in the future 🙂

Disclosure: Please be aware that some the links below are affiliate links. That means that, at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. I am familiar with all of these companies and products and I recommend them not because I may get a commission, but because I truly believe they’re valuable as you journey through your pregnancy and birth. Please purchase what you feel will help you and your baby during your unique journey <3

Where to Register

There are quiet a few different places to fill out a baby registry, and it can be fun to go and start a registry at each place just for the little "goodie bag" of baby things that they give you.  But I highly recommend starting an Amazon.com registry because you can add products from any site to the registry - really handy!

Pregnancy & Birth Supplies

My Top Recommendations

These are the resources I recommend above all others as you're preparing for your baby's arrival.  I refer to them again and again here on my website, in my daily tips emails, and in videos and podcasts.  I've used all of these myself and they're invaluable.

MamaBaby Birthing

MamaBaby Birthing Classes: There are my own online childbirth classes, which I designed while going through my sixth pregnancy. My pregnancy and Corwin’s birth, along with continuous feedback from my students, helped me create a self-paced online class tailored to natural birth. Of course I’m biased, but I truly offer information that respects the beauty of natural birth and provides practical information you can use during your pregnancy and birth. Plus I offer a live, weekly Q&A call so you can get your questions answered (I look forward to the call every week – I love answering your questions!)

Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: Sarah Buckley’s book is truly an introduction to beauty and power of a birthing woman’s body – but it doesn’t stop there. Sarah also covers why birth is inherently safe, and how these perfect safety measures operate. She gives practical information on evaluating choices during pregnancy and birth, as well as dialoguing with your care provider. Essential read.

Michelle labors on a birth ball

A Birth Ball: Also known as an exercise ball, every pregnant woman should have one to sit on. Birth balls help on many levels: They offer support in all the right places during pregnancy, easing pelvic aches and pain. They also help encourage you to sit in a way that positions your baby optimally for birthing. You can easily spiral your hips while sitting, which is comforting during pregnancy and during birth honors the instinctive spiraling movement many women make to help their babies move down and out.

Further Pregnancy & Birth Essentials

Nutrient-Dense Foods

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Healthy diet is the cornerstone of a good pregnancy. I had to put it at the top because it’s the most important thing you can "get" for yourself and your baby!

Prenatal Cradle

The Prenatal Cradle

A pregnancy support garment can relieve back & pelvic pain quickly and effectively, meaning you can enjoy walks, playing with older children, and simply navigating your daily life.

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maternity pillow

Maternity Pillow

Settle down and get a few more precious minutes of sleep! Curve the pillow around your body to support your belly, hips, and legs for support where you need it.

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Baby Clothing

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