Getting Ready for a New Baby?

“How to Stop Worrying About
Giving Birth And Go Into Labor
Feeling Relaxed, Informed, and
as Ready as You Possibly Can Be!”

My name is Kristen Burgess and the first thing you should know about me is… I'm not a doctor. I'm not a midwife either. I'm just a mom. But I can help you.

I'm Kristen Burgess and this is me with my beautiful new baby Honor after a great labor and birth.

You've heard about different labor techniques, about having a satisfying, even a great birth. But there's still that worry at the back of your mind – are you really prepared for labor? How can you retain everything you're learning, and will it be there when you need it the most?

I had the same worries a few years ago. I wanted the very best for my baby, so I was hoping for a natural birth. But the truth is, I was scared! I wasn't sure if I could handle the pain. Would I become one of those screaming women I saw on the maternity ward reality shows?

I'm a little over the top, so I researched like crazy before my labor. I went through all the options with my first three kids. Hospital courses, private courses, childbirth books. Despite all of that I still struggled during birth. I still had to have painful “help” to give birth.

I'm one of the lucky ones: as painful as it was my midwife was patient. Other moms send me stories of being labeled “failure to progress” and getting whisked away for a c-section. They felt powerless.

Calm & Confident: The Perfect Birth

It wasn't until Galen's birth (that's baby #4!) that I really felt like I had it. I was calm, confident, and felt totally prepared. I knew exactly what to do – and I didn't need any painful “help.” It was wonderful – but it took years and a few babies to get to that point!

It all changed when Wintergreen contacted me about a birth skills course developed by her charity. This course was so very different from anything that I'd seen and done before — I was literally stunned. Why hadn't anybody told me this before?

I was angry. Why weren't women given the information contained within The Pink Kit at their very first prenatal appointment? For the first time I was totally relaxed, totally informed, and I had tools that would work in any birthing situation.

You Can Have a Great Birth (Even if it Hurts)

The Pink Kit is different. It focuses on birth skills that truly prepare you for labor. You know what to do to actively help your baby out. You're not left minimized and powerless while the doctor, midwife, and nurses direct what should be your labor and birth. Here are a few of the keys to a calm, informed birthing:

  • The truth about childbirth. Why you can have a great birth (even if it hurts).
  • Discover what works in any birthing situation – and give birth with confidence
  • Techniques that make labor and birth (so much) easier than you expect
  • Why first time moms are able to have a great birth experience even at inflexible hospitals… even the nurses tell them they've done it perfectly!
  • How to get through labor smoothly and get on to bonding with your new baby.
  • Solid techniques to handle interventions. Even women who need interventions can be in control and have a great birth experience.
  • The easiest way to stop yourself from “losing it” in labor.
  • We all agree the leading cause of “failure to progress” is stress and tension in the mom – but did you know you can learn the secret to manage tension BEFORE labor – so your baby is born as quickly and easily as possible.

Finally After 7 Babies the Fear Had All But Disappeared

“After giving birth to seven children I still had a fear of birth, hence the reason my husband and I purchased the Pink Kit Package. Working through this resource was an eye opener for both of us and had an incredible result.

I felt in complete control and the fear had all but disappeared. I knew that I could cope with whatever happened and my husband, for the first time, felt a real part of the labour side of things.”
– Sue Roberts

Discover Birth Skills in the Comfort of Your Home

You're busy. Moms-to-be today have a lot on their plate. Driving to a childbirth class once a week isn't going to work for you and your partner. How do you find the time in your busy schedule? And forget those marathon cram-sessions offered on one Saturday before your due date. How will you remember anything after such an exhausting class?

This is another way the Pink Kit really shines for you. You have time commitments, but still want the best for your baby. With the Pink Kit you get it all on your own time (and you can review any time):

  • Discover techniques at your own pace and refresh your memory whenever you want – even just before delivery!
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home.
  • Get skills that work in ANY birthing situation.
  • Focus on the childbirth skills that will help YOU during labor
  • Most women and their partners forget techinques they've learned in birth classes. But you can have access your birth skills DVD whenever you need to review it – so you'll retain the info when you need it most!

No Other Book or Class Taught Me the Skills I Learned in the Pink Kit Package

“I am writing about my experience with the Pink Kit. No other book or class taught me any of the skills I learned in the Pink Kit Package. It's like apples and oranges.

It's not that other books aren't good. Many are great and informative. The class I went to was applicable and helped me decide what I wanted. Only in the Pink Kit Package did I gain the skills.”

– Alexandra Karr

Will Your Partner Be Helpful?

It's great to be able to work with your own schedule – and your partner's. Did you know fathers almost never feel useful during birth? With the Pink Kit you'll discover how your partner can actually help you get the baby out!

I look so goofy here – but I was so happy to be holding our newborn Galen and to know that Scott and I did an awesome job together.

Scott was a first-time dad when we had Galen. He wasn't sure what to expect, and he was intimidated that I'd “already” had three babies. But he worked through the Pink Kit with me and during labor with Galen he was my rock. He encouraged me and reminded me of skills. And when the midwives didn't make it in time for the birth, he was right there using his skills to help Galen come into the world.

  • Do women always yell at their man during labor? Not always – discover skills that will have you working together (and keeping you more comfortable).
  • What your birthing coach can learn TODAY so you can work together during labor (and he's actually helpful)
  • Most women feel like they're “losing it in labor.” But did you know there's a proven trick that anybody can do with you to help you gain control within seconds – no matter how strong your contractions are.
  • Feeling your partner's touch during labor is helpful, isn't it? No way! The wrong touch can upset you or even cause pain.
  • Does your partner know the right things to say to you during labor? Families who have “been there, done that” share what to say (and what not to).
  • Things your partner should NEVER say to you during labor!
  • Better than a doula. Discover exactly how your partner should touch you (and what he should say to you) so you gain confidence and strength during labor.

Without the Pink Kit I Probably Would Have Sat Outside Drinking a Beer

“The most important thing for me was being able to be part of the birth and have a lot of skills to know how to handle the different stages of what Chris was going through. Without the Pink Kit I would have been totally lost and probably would have sat outside drinking beer or the like.

But I learned enough skills and knowledge to be a real part and sometimes take control of the process which is an amazing thing for a man. I also caught our baby as she was born which is one of the best things I have done.

It was more than worthwhile to purchase this product. I enjoyed being able to be so useful, it made the birth of our daughter even more special.”
– Snow, Chris's husband and Georgie's dad

Ditch the “Hollywood Pant”

One of the reasons dads love the Pink Kit is because it gives them specific tools and techniques to help you. Any partner feels more confident when they know how they can help you – and you feel more relaxed too. Knowing that somebody else will be there when you feel overwhelmed empowers you to go into labor relaxed. Here are some techniques you'll discover with the Pink Kit:

  • The truth about panting during labor. Why ditching the “Hollywood pant” will get you a healthier baby (and spare you a long, painful recovery).
  • 4 Ways Humans Breathe – and why you should NEVER use 2 of them during labor
  • How to work with your body – know with confidence you can push your baby out
  • 4 Types of tension that can stop your labor in its tracks (and specific techniques to neutralize them)
  • Doing squats helps you prepare for birth, right? Not always. If you have a narrow pelvic arch they could make things worse (but there are other positions that will bring your baby right down).
  • 6 Secrets for a Great Birth. (Secrets that will keep you empowered and in charge.)
  • 10 Methods for an Easier Labor. Use these methods to focus your efforts have a quicker, easier birth.
  • The truth about “labor plateaus.” Why these 5 techniques can prevent an unnecessary cesarean for “failure to progress”

We Used the Skills Immediately for a Stress-Free Birth

“My waters broke at 11pm and we started using the skills immediately and our daughter was born at 3:20am, just 4hrs 20mins later. It was a quick and stress-free birth in which I didn't need any pain relief or interventions.

I believe the Pink Kit skills helped us to deliver our baby in this manner as we had the skills to work with the birth rather than resisting and tensing throughout the contractions”
– Celeste and Jake

Labor and Childbirth Essentials

And, of course, the Pink Kit covers all the “normal” childbirth class topics, too:

  • Discover how your labor will advance (and feel confident you know when to use each tip and technique you'll learn)
  • Find out why the “bell curve” is important – and how you and your birth coach can use it to keep you in control.
  • How to use a cleansing breath to wash away the last contraction and get ready for the next
  • Going to the hospital in early labor is fine, right? Nope! If you go too early you could end up with interventions you don't want – and pressure from doctors and nurses.
  • Exactly how to know when labor is really “getting serious”
  • A simple phrase that will keep you calm and confident as you wait for labor to begin
  • Go into labor knowing what to expect

The Common Sense Skills That Work

“We've moved away from our homeland and now live in a very modern country. There aren't any older women to help as there are back in our country. The Pink Kit is like that to us…the common sense skills that work when there isn't a medical system to help.”

– Francois and Herme

11 Minutes to An Easier Delivery

But that's just the beginning… if you have 11 minutes a day, I guarantee your delivery will be easier. You'll be free from worry about being prepared and equipped with skills that really work during labor. The Pink Kit gives you all of this info and more:

  • No more panic. Just learn a few tips and you'll labor with calm confidence (even if you and baby need to be at the hospital for birth).
  • Why even a teenage mom can use this simple skill to stay in control and confident during her labor.
  • The easiest way to handle contractions while saving your energy (to enjoy bonding with your new baby!)
  • Doing perineal massage is harmless, right? Well, it's not harmful, but it can be useless (unless you know the right way to use it for a quicker, easier birth)
  • The “Internal Work” method to keep yourself relaxed and open so baby comes down and into your arms quickly (and with far less pain and dramatically reduced chances of tearing).
  • Where to massage during pregnancy so your body opens easily for your baby.
  • If you can take a simple snapshot, I guarantee you can go into labor confident and prepared
  • 7 ways you can make more room during labor (this means your baby comes faster and easier)
  • Whose birth is it? Have a great birth at home, the birth center, and yes, even the hospital.
  • If you can pinch your fingers together, you can learn how to move a “stuck” baby

I was hesitant to even Look

“I had 3 wonderful births at home with the most wonderfully supportive husband and midwife. I was hesitant to even look at The Pink Kit to start with. I've got to say, we all learned so much and our next birth was even more conscious and intimate.”

– Joyanne and Ralph

A Word of Caution

There are mistakes you should NOT make during your labor and birth. It's important to understand what might prevent the birth you're hoping for. Discovering them now saves you pain and unnecessary medical procedures:

  • Watch Out – You may already be making this common mistake in planning for your birth (hint… it's all in your head)
  • Things you should never think during labor
  • What you must do to avoid sabotaging your own labor
  • Why you must not be panicked during your labor, even when everyone is telling you “horror stories” about theirs

I Did It!

“I did it! After 3 previous cesareans, I gave birth vaginally to my daughter. It was the greatest challenge of my life. I tell everyone about The Pink Kit.”
– Connie

You Plan Your Baby's Birthday

I was skeptical about the Pink Kit being different, too. I'd gone crazy doing hours of research, and I'd managed to have three babies. Sure, my midwife had to help me get them all out, but they were pretty good births. It wasn't until I had my first Pink Kit baby that I realized I'd never understood how to go into labor feeling truly informed and confident. I was totally in control of my baby's birthday – I wasn't just a guest for somebody else's party.

The Pink Kit totally changed the way I thought about birth – and it revolutionized the way I teach my own childbirth classes. I recommend it to all my friends, readers, and students. The Pink Kit is vital.

It's true – you've read in the testimonials accompanying this letter. Moms on every continent have confidence with the Pink Kit. Even midwives have noticed a huge difference when their clients are Pink Kit Families. Check out these statistics from Andrea Vincent, a Midwife in Nelson, New Zealand:

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Number of Women 67 56 70 64 30
Vaginal Delivery % 74 78 95 86 92
Emergency C/S % 15 7 3 8 4
Forcep/ventouse % 10 14 1.5 8 4
Induction of Labor % 7 10 4.6 1.7 0

Andrea began having her clients use The Pink Kit on their own, without her help, in mid-2000. Just look at how the rates of intervention declined.

Now take a look at Nelson Hospital for the same period:

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Number of Women 905 878 859 906 946
Vaginal Delivery % 69 74 73.4 71 74
Emergency C/S % 15.8 13.9 13.9 16.4 17
Forcep/ventouse % 13.5 10.7 11.7 11.9 9
Induction of Labor % 14.0 18.4 14.6 17.6 18.8

Huge difference! Do you know what makes these statistics even more shocking? Over 85% of women in New Zealand are attended by a continuity of care midwife. That means they have a midwife who is with them from their prenatal care through their baby's birth – yet the hospital's intervention rates are still sky-high!

The difference in these sets of statistics came when one thing changed – midwife Andrea started sending her clients home with The Pink Kit.

100 Books and I Still Felt No More Aware… Getting the Pink Kit Changed All That

“When I discovered I was pregnant I felt the need to gather as much knowledge as possible about giving birth, as I wanted to be as prepared and in control of this new experience as I could. After reading what seemed like 100 books and talking with people I still felt no more aware than before.

Getting The Pink Kit Package changed all that! This was absolutely the BEST thing my husband and I did.

The resource is just plan full of skills and more skills for both of us. I got all the information elsewhere I needed but it was the skills we lacked for whatever birth we had. The skills are practical hands-on that involved both of us. This enabled both of us to find out about my body and personally prepare my body for the big event.”

– Chris Weber and Baby Georgina

The Complete Resource

The Pink Kit Package is a multimedia resource. You get everything you need to help you truly understand the skills on multiple levels: watching, listening, reading, and experiencing:

 Your DVD Class

  • The Pink Kit Video DVD: Divided into 8 simple-to-use segments: work through step-by-step. Menus make it easy to access what you need, when you need it. I was able to quickly review techniques like positioning whenever I wanted to before both Galen and Honor's births.

8 Class Mini-Modules (Digital)

  • Where Will You Birth: Where you give birth is completely up to you — and your Pink Kit skills can be used anywhere. Get an intro to the pros and cons of different choices… plus steps to have a great birth, no matter where you're at
  • Types of Birth: Skills are for everyone. Want a natural, unmedicated birth? Get the info and know-how to make that happen. Planning a VBAC? Know you need a c-section for medical reasons? Not sure how you'd handle an emergency cesarean? This module has guides for you on these topics and more.
  • Preparation: Who does what during childbirth? You know what you want your doctor or midwife to do… but what does your partner do… what's your role while birthing? This module covers everything you need to know (and shows how three births play out depending on what you choose).
  • Progression: The basics of what happens during your labor and birth, and how and why childbirth skills are used in each stage.
  • Pain and Tension: Will giving birth hurt? Can you cope with it? This module covers what to expect in labor and how you can move past fear and work with your baby's efforts to be born (and feel good about your birth experience). Great lessons here!
  • Breathing, Communication, and Touch: Three pillars of a satisfying, safe, and in-control birth experience. You and your partner will discover how to talk about labor and birth, how to use breathing and relaxation effectively, and how touch can help (or hinder) labor. These core skills equip you with the foundation to give your baby a great birthday.
  • Body Skills: Been told “trust your body” and have no clue how to do that? This module shows you exactly how to work with your unique body – so you move your baby down, out, and into your arms.
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth: This module is packed with additional information for you and for the daddy-to-be. Sections cover info for first time moms, pregnancy information, postpartum, and more.

Two Audio CD's

  • The Internal Work Audio CD: Learn the skill that prevents birth trauma to your birth canal. No Tearing, No Episiotomy.
  • Birth Journey Audio CD: Automatic training to breathe right in labor – stay in control and confident.

Available Immediately

What if you've just stumbled onto this letter and your baby's birth is just a few weeks away? Can the Pink Kit help you? You bet it can. You can get the entire Pink Kit as an instant digital download and get started removing your fear and anxiety (and building your confidence and control) in minutes. Click Here to Order The Pink Kit.

Your Exclusive Bonuses

Here's the deal: the Pink Kit doesn't offer much on medical interventions you may encounter during labor and delivery. It DOES teach you how to handle any intervention you choose or need. But I think it's important to have a balanced view of what you're facing. So I've included a mini-guide covering all the interventions. It perfectly complements the labor info and birth skills you'll discover in the Pink Kit.

In my experience good pregnancy diet keeps you healthy and low-risk – making your fantastic Pink Kit birth even better. So I've included a guide to the basics of a healthy pregnancy diet, too.

Some moms have mentioned to me that they feel overwhelmed. There's so much superb info in the Pink Kit they don't know where to start! I'm also including The Pink Kit “Must-Do-List” so you know exactly how and when to work through each part of the Pink Kit.

As a quick review, in addition to your Pink Kit Package you get these exclusive gifts from me:

  • The Intervention Cheat Sheet – So you'll know what you may face, when you may face it, and if you may need it.
  • Pregnancy Nutrition Essentials – What to eat for a healthy pregnancy and a smart baby
  • The Pink Kit “Must-Do-List” Checklist – step-by-step guide so you know exactly how to work through the kit.

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I do make a commission when you order the Pink Kit through my link – I know you're going to have a great birth experience after you use it 🙂 I also want to thank you for supporting my work to help moms and babies around the world!

Will You Lose Control?

I know, maybe you're thinking “My insurance pays for my hospital childbirth class” or “the hospital class is just $30.” Well, you could spend $30 on a hospital class and get a rundown of the stages of labor. And you can get educated on all the medications the hospital offers and why you should be a “good little patient.” You already know the results of those classes – you see them screaming on the maternity ward realities shows every afternoon.

Do you want to be one of those screaming, out-of-control women? Do you want your memories of labor and birth to be spoiled by thoughts of how you lost it – or how you screamed horrible words at your partner? It doesn't have to be that way.

The Pink Kit is a drop in the bucket of your maternity ward fees, but it's going to give you a return far, far more valuable. You'll not only hold your precious baby in your arms, you'll know that you were totally in control of the situation. You'll know that despite any pain, despite any, you and your partner worked together and now you have an awesome reward. Are you ready to hold your beautiful, perfect baby while you feel that Mama Tiger rush of pride and power?

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To get my bonuses to you, simply order your Pink Kit Package through my link, then forward your email receipt to [email protected]

Every Moment Counts

I've worked with moms who have grabbed the Pink Kit two weeks before their due dates and frankly, it transformed their birth experiences. But one thing that all of them say is that they wished they'd gotten the kit earlier!

It only takes about 11 minutes a day to review the Pink Kit materials once you've become familiar with them. That tiny bit of time every day prepares your body for a simple, easy birthing experience. By the time you go into labor this will be second nature – you'll be relaxed and ready to work with your baby (and shout from the rooftops you were calm, confident, and in control!)

Truthfully, you could wait, but you're only pregnant with this baby one time. You get one shot at your baby's birth. You can spend your life looking back and thinking “if only…” – or you can grab the Pink Kit now and make your baby's birthday the celebration you want it to be.

Sending Great Birth Vibes Your Way,

Click Here to Order The Pink Kit

Remember: To get my bonuses to you, simply order your Pink Kit Package through my link and forward your email receipt to [email protected]

P.S. There are a lot of choices when it comes to childbirth, and a lot of them take thought. But this one is a real no-brainer.

I've had three beautiful Pink Kit births – you've read my experience and just the tip of the iceberg from the thousands of other women who have had the same experience.

You can go into labor – no matter where or how you're choosing to birth – feeling calm, confident, and totally prepared.

Fantastic if You Want to Take Control of Your Birthing Experience

“The Pink Kit is truly a fantastic resource for pregnant women and their partners who want to take control of their birthing experience … and this does not mean having a home birth or anything like that.

The skills gave me the confidence to have our beautiful baby girl without the anxiety and uncertainty that I had previously felt”
– Mindy Brogrough

Gosh, what a change in my husband

“Gosh, what a change in my husband. He's gone from feeling sort of out of the loop to pushing the midwives aside and telling them to do their job… he has his. I like that.”

– Ruth and Pete

I Was Prepared and Not Taken by Surprise

“Knowing what's about to happen to your body and learning the skills that can help the pain of the contractions makes the pain bearable.

The resource taught us what was about to happen to my body during labour, so I was prepared and not taken by surprise.

My husband took an active role throughout and helped me with the exercises that brought the baby down faster.

I feel that having a good birth helped me cope with the big changes afterward. We were both very pleased with how the labour process went and I would recommend this product to every birthing couple.”
– J Benson


“I am writing this letter to tell you of my experience of The Pink Kit and how the information I learned from this helped me to have the most wonderful and empowering birth.

I can say this because I was absolutely TERRIFIED ABOUT GIVING BIRTH.

I gave birth 7 months ago to my first child. He was born after 8 hours of labor during which time I was able to relax and internalize the pain of labor and turn it into a positive pain with each contraction being a step further towards meeting my child.

It really helped speed up the whole process with the midwife using a ‘hip lift' (one of the body work moves learned on the course), taking, I believe, hours off the birth (I went from 5cm to pushing in about 10 minutes!! after the lift).

The internal work I believe also made the pushing part a lot easier and quicker (although it felt like hours at the time, it was only 45 minutes) and I had no stitches.

When anyone ever asks me about my birth I cannot shut up. I had such an amazing and confidence building experience and I feel very lucky to have learned the information in The Pink Kit. I can tell every terrified moms-to-be that you can manage labor pain. Learn the skills!”
– “Blessed from day one”

I Stayed So Calm

“My first birth was horrible. I didn't progress so I got induced. Then I had an epidural after many hours. When my baby was finally born with forceps and a huge episiotomy, I was relieved. I believed birth was that terrifying and that dramatic.

However, it took 6 weeks for me to be able to move my bowels and for 3 years we had pain having sex. I got determined to do something about it. My midwife gave me The Pink Kit.

At first, the idea of the internal work was too weird and when I tried it, it hurt. But something inside told me to keep doing it. It took 3 weeks for that tough scar tissue to not hurt and another few weeks before I could really work all in there.

Well! Between the directed breathing which I used and I stayed so calm and the internal work, I had a beautiful birth.

A baby 2 pounds 6 oz bigger than his brother…without a tear. I'm 9 days after the birth and frankly, I don't even feel I've had a baby come out. My advice is buy the kit and do the work. You won't regret it.”
– Heather and Anthony

Delivered Vaginally Even With My Medical Condition

“My husband and I have only had sex to conceive our baby. I have a history of vaginismus. Even if I touch myself to wash, I have a spasm in my vagina. My midwife told me that women with this condition have c/s. That terrified me.

My midwife didn't give me The Pink Kit but a friend did who had used it for her birth. It took weeks for me to be able to relax enough to get my own finger inside, but I persevered.

I started a bit earlier then what the kit recommends. By the time I was due both my husband and I could get 3 fingers inside. We'd giggle thinking about what fun we'd have after the birth. We'd finally be able to have sex!

I did delivery vaginally and at home!”

– Sugi and Io

Such An Amazing and Confidence Building Experience

“When anyone ever asks me about my birth, I cannot shut up. I had such an amazing and confidence building experience and I feel very lucky to have learned the information in The Pink Kit”

– Phillamina and Burly

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