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The Foundation

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MamaBaby Birthing

Online natural childbirth classes with a personal touch!  MamaBaby Birthing takes you from knowing natural birth is best to knowing exactly how to work with your baby and have a beautiful, sacred natural birth.

6 modules give you the info you want - and the practical skills you need - to work with your baby and have a smooth, safe birth.  Monthly Q&A calls with Kristen mean you have answers to all your questions!

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Complete, 1-on-1 support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.  Answers and voice text support when you need it -  and I'm available by phone for you during labor. Text me as often as you want.  Includes twelve months of pregnancy & postpartum support.

I'm happy to answer any questions, help you research options, create custom meal plans or exercise routines... or be the listening ear you need for support. This is exactly what you need <3

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Mother kissing newborn baby just after birth

How to Handle Labor Pain

Hoping for a natural, drug-free birth, but worried about the pain?

This quick class teaches you practical techniques that really work (really fast) during labor to help you stay calm & in control.

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11 Mom-Tested Techniques to Handle Labor Pain... Naturally