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MamaBaby Birthing

MamaBaby Birthing

Online natural childbirth classes with a personal touch!  MamaBaby Birthing takes you from knowing natural birth is best to knowing exactly how to work with your baby and have a great natural birth.

6 week classes give you the info you want - and the practical skills you need - to work with your baby have a safe, natural birth.  Live  Q&A calls with Kristen mean you have answers to all your questions!

$97 Lifetime Access

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MamaBaby Personal Prenatal

One-on-One chats via phone or Skype. You get full support throughout your pregnancy, and I'm available by phone for you during labor and postpartum. Text me or email anytime.

I'm happy to answer any questions, help you research options, create custom meal plans or exercise routines... or be the listening ear you're looking for. This is exactly what you need <3


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​Smart Mama, Happy Baby

A ​support group for mamas filled with practical advice for pregnancy, birth, baby, and beyond!

2 live classes every month, weekly Q&A calls, helpful articles on baby care, natural health topics, and more give you the info you need for a healthy, happy baby.

How to Handle Labor Pain

Hoping for a natural, drug-free birth, but worried about the pain?

Practical techniques that really work (really fast) during labor to help you stay calm & in control.


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Smart Mama's Guide to Preventing Tearing in Birth

How to give birth without tearing - and keep your pelvic floor strong throughout your life.

These are practical strategies for both pregnancy and birth to keep things strong and flexible (for life!).


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Guide to Vaccines

What's the deal with vaccines?  What does science say?  What are the real side effects?

Get an unbiased view on shots, along with recommendations for alternate schedules, keeping your child and community safe, and more!


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Perfect Prenatal Nutrition

I can’t deliver a gourmet chef to your doorstep, but I can tell you exactly how to eat for a healthy pregnancy – and how to pull it off in real life

Evidence supports sensible, practical pregnancy diets… but you’re probably not hearing the evidence in a 5-minute doctor’s appointment. I want to help you shift your focus from the scale to your baby… because you’re eating to build a babe, not live in fear the scale!


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Smart Mama's Guide to Elimination Communication

Curious about EC?  Want a simple plan to start at any age?  This class is for you!

I’ve used elimination communication with 6 of my 7 babies - this class combines what works in the real world with what's respectful and simple for mama and baby!


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Go to Sleep Box

Go to Sleep!

Sleep is a good thing - for mamas and for babies.

Here's how to teach your baby good sleep habits that will gift a lifelong gift of better sleep... and better health.  And you get a little more sleep, too 😉


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One-on-One Consultation

Need someone to help you work through issues as you prepare to give birth? Need practical advice on how to balance motherhood with life?

Prefer personal chats to a group class?

Limited one-on-one sessions now available!

$150-297 Depending on Package

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The Whole 9 Months

Get the MamaBaby Guides to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester in one discounted package.

6 hours of take-you-by-the-hand video guides so you know what to expect with your baby and yourself – and how to keep both of you as healthy as possible during every trimester.


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