38 Weeks Pregnant and My Baby is Still Breech

by Victoria (England)

I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am going for a scan to see exactly where the baby is lying as she is still very active.

This is my third child – my last was only a year ago, so I know my cervix is still stretched. So that’s why there’s the amount of room she still has.

But what normally happens after the scan if they find that she is still breech? I am starting to get worried. Please give advice.


Hi Victoria,

I had my first three babies pretty close together and they were all very active, too, so I know how you feel with close babies.

Unfortunately if they see your baby girl is still breech at your scan, they will probably say you need to have a c-section. There are not many OB’s or midwives who will assist a breech delivery in hospital, and you will probably not find many midwives who will attend a breech birth at home even if you’ve booked in for a home birth.

If your baby is still breech you can see if any doctors at your hospital will let you have trial of labour. They may be willing to if you had good births with your other children, and since it has been just a short time since your last birth. You will probably dilate quickly.

I would also try to get your baby to turn. I have written an article on turning a breech baby that you can read for different ways to turn your little girl.

Best of luck to you and I hope she turns for you!

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