6 Weeks But Bleeding

by Jenna

I started ‘spotting’ 4 days ago and it started off as barely anything and just when I went to the toilet really, but now its gotten heavier sort of like a light period?

I’ve got sort of period-like pains in the bottom of my back. I went up to hospital 2 days ago and got a scan but she said that it was too early to pick up a heartbeat 🙁

I’m so worried that I am losing my baby as i have no idea what to expect next week when I go up for another scan, I’ll be devastated if I’ve miscarried 🙁

I don’t if this will make any difference but I was on the pill when I got pregnant – it failed because I was really ill and was being sick so apparently that screws it up – so will this be a reason for bleeding? As this is the time I would usually have my period? thanks xx


Hi Jenna,

Sometimes bleeding during pregnancy is normal. It’s most likely to happen during the time you’d normally be on your period.

However, it can also be worrisome, so I encourage you to stay in contact with your doctor or midwife.

Being on the pill is not going to hurt your pregnancy, but it’s possible that the hormones from the pill could have influenced your body and this is an effect from that.

I would recommend you take it very easy. You can also try this formula from midwife Jeannine Parvati Baker – she used it in the event of threatened miscarriage of her clients:

1oz wild yam
1oz squaw vine
1oz false unicorn
1oz cramp bark.

Simmer these for 20 minutes in a quart of water to make an herbal infusion (tea). Drink a wine glass full every four hours until the symptoms subside.

Jeannine reported great success with this formula.

Best of luck to you Jenna.

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