Affiliate Disclaimer

I believe pretty strongly in being open and direct. I’m a work-at-home mom and my websites not only give me an outlet for growing as a mother and sharing what I discover along the way, they’re a thriving business for my family and the causes we support. I want to disclose up front that there are some products I recommend on the site that I earn affiliate commissions for. That means when you purchase through my link to the product, I get a commission on the sale.

My job is to help you grow as a mother, have a healthy pregnancy, great birth, and grow a healthy, happy baby. I want you to please know that I’m also growing my business through the website. You want to care for your family, and I want to care for mine 🙂

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of pages on this site. Since it’s hard to make sure there’s a list of every product and every program on all relevant pages of my site, I want you to assume that any link leading to a product or service is an affiliate link. I may receive compensation for it, and I want you to understand that.

Of course, there are tons and tons of products and services related to pregnancy and babies — I only recommend and promote products that I believe and have spent studying or using for myself. That means they’re good for my family and I can feel confident that they’ll provide good value to you. Some examples of this are the Pink Kit, the Ergobaby Carrier, and Healthy Baby Code.

Sometimes I receive a product to review, and I disclose that to you. I do not recommend every product I receive a review copy of — again, I only recommend something that’s high quality and would help my own family. Many of the products I recommend on the site I have purchased with my own money.

If you have any questions at all about what I’ve shared on this page, please go ahead and contact me using the contact page. It’s in the top menu above.

All the Best to you!

Kristen Burgess

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