Anterior Placenta

by Asma


Hello, I’m pregnant now (31 weeks) . My midwife told me that I have an anterior placenta but when I asked her about the advantages , she told me no problem.

But I read a lot of articles on internet and i found lots of problems: cesarean birth and bleeding are possible. Can I have a natural birth? Does the placenta move or is it not variable? I’m very afraid and I need a help.
Thanks for your advice.


Hi Asma,

Having an anterior placenta is not uncommon at all. Like your midwife told you, it’s generally no problem.

Anterior just means that the placenta positioned at the front of your uterus rather than somewhere else. It could cause a problem for a cesarean because the incision is made at the front of the uterus. But generally there are no problems.

You can have a vaginal birth with an anterior placenta; many women do it every day! The placenta also releases and the uterine blood vessels close off just as with any other placental position.

The best way to avoid complications from bleeding is to have an excellent pregnancy diet, which helps your baby and placenta to be very healthy. Your body also builds a strong blood supply and stays healthy so that everything goes just as it should during the birth.

Many women have great births without ever knowing where the placenta is – most that know only know because of a scan or their knowledgeable midwife notices as she’s listening to the baby’s heartbeat.

I would prepare for your birth and eat very well – and not worry too much! The placenta can migrate a little bit, but probably won’t move too much. Best of luck with your upcoming birth!

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