Babies and Their Furbabies

Cheerful baby and her surprised pet!

Two things are loved and treasured by families all over the world – their babies and their pets.  And it's tons of fun when you get both of them together!  It's always a little tricky to bring a baby into a home with pets – or a pet into a home with a baby, but the lifetime memories make it worth the care and planning 😉

It was harder to find pictures of exotic pets, so this gallery features our favorite furballs – dogs and cats – along with their pint-sized owners.  Enjoy the fun and the fur!

Baby watches his cat eat

Hey, what's in there?  Can I have some?  This little guy is really interested in checking out exactly what's going on with the cat dish – and luckily the cat seems more concerned with scarfing it down than stopping baby 😉

Baby in a basket and curious dog

Nothing is more classic than a baby in a basket – at least until a friend comes along to join in the fun!  Baby has a great expression of surprise, and this dapper dog is happy just to make friends.

Beautiful girl and her beautiful dog

Two beauties in one shot!  Classic dress on a baby girl and a beautiful coat of fur on this regal pooch makes for a great memory.  Love the golden glints in both fur coat and head of hair for this sweet pair.

Bulldog not too sure about enthusiastic baby

It's interesting just how many photo shoots have been set up with babies and their pets.  I liked this one – both babe and dog are curious about each, but in a reserved “what are you looking at” kind of way 😉

Cat sniffs at baby

The cat is more curious than the baby in this picture!  It's unusual to see a cat so inquisitive about the unknown element of an energetic baby – but this furry friend is!

Laughing baby licked by dog

Classic shot – eager puppy goes in for the lick and baby just giggles away.  Of course, older sister's reservation about the situation is pretty cute too 😉

Happy baby reaches for dog

This beautiful dog is eager to have his photo taken, but I'm not sure he's expecting the little gal lady who wants to play with him!

Cute chubby baby with cute dog

Relaxed pup and baby are so cute together!

Curious baby checks out puppy

Hey… what's that you're playing with?  Sweet little girl checks out what her big old doggy friend is up to.

Cheerful baby and her surprised pet!

This gorgeous baby girl is ready to make friends… but I'm not sure her pup feels the same way!

Out and about with dog

Lets go for a walk today!  Sweet toddler fellow is a little smaller than his dog!

Puppy Chases Baby Boy

A classic – boy and his dog.  This little fellow is ready to crawl off on adventures, with his faithful puppy on his tail 😉

Puppy snoozes on sleeping baby's stomach

This is one for any dog owner who brings home baby to treasure – precious sleepy child and a sweet dog to watch over 🙂

Regal Baby, Regal Dog

Two bright-eyed, alert critters – this baby and his dog are a perfect match!

Surprised baby watches cat

Though the cat looks pretty relaxed, baby isn't sure about the situation – love that expression of surprise!

Sweet angel baby and her angel dog

Angelic little lady with her guardian angel doggy – precious!

Twins and their dog

These twins fit right in with their dog – all three looking as dapper as can be!

Toddler cuddles a new puppy

Toddler and puppy bonding time – enough to make any heart melt!

Sweet boy and his husky

Stunning blue eyes and bring blue on baby really make this picture stand out.  I just love the wild, early spring feel of this picture – and of course the two cuties featured inside.

Little girl and her dog

Pure happiness at being together for this older pooch and sweet baby girl.

Baby boy plays with his dog

Hey, do you want to play?  Baby and spaniel enjoy a fall day together.

Newborn and puppy sleep next to each other

I'm not sure what it took to get this photo, but it's so sweet it makes me want a dog and a newborn baby 😉

Baby and puppy explore outside

You've probably heard that people start to look like their dogs, but I find it interesting how many babies look like their pets.  Bright-eyed, sharp, and ready to explore, this little man and his dog go together like peas in a pod.

Baby and dog are surprised by each other

Another one of my favorites from this batch.  Baby looks a little apprehensive about the situation… but the pooch looks downright horrified!  Too cute!

Baby and dog play with toys

This tastes pretty good… hey, I want to have a try too!  This little pooch is intent on having her fair share of the action!

Toddler girl and her dog in the snow

Another timeless shot – snowy lane, toddler, and her dog.  Beautiful!

Baby and kitten aren't too sure of each other

Surprise isn't limited to the dogs!  This kitten and baby just aren't really sure what to think of each other!

Baby snoozes with his kitten

So sweet – little fellow and his kitten crash right next to each other.  This is another one to make your heart melt!

Baby and puppy look out window

It's a great big world out there – lets see what we can see!

Sweet baby sleeps while pets play

And after a hard day of a little work and mostly play – it's good to snuggle up with your friends <3

Cheerful baby and her surprised pet!

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