Baby Hat Gallery

Sometimes, life is just tough.  Things have been a little rough for over the past week, and that means life has been rough for me 😉  Thankfully I think we’re past the server problems and such, but I know that life still has tough days.  This gallery is in honor you – and it’s for though tough days.

The days when you really just need a smile.

The days when you really just need an “awwww.”

The days when you’re not sure what you got yourself into…

…cute baby hats are here to remind you that you’re glad you did 😉

Pink Hatted Little Baby Picture

My sweet little Honor loves this baby hat – it rates #1 in her “awwwww” department!  I must say I agree with her 😉

Peacock Baby

I’m actually not usually a fan of big accessories on baby hats, but I do like the way this one has the one peacock feather accented with pearls.  Such a classic feel 🙂

Long Hatted Sleeping Baby

Tiny newborn, cozy colorful hat with ridiculously long tail.  Can you get much cuter than that?!

Like my hat, Mama?

I do love the little knit caps with knots on top.  I look forward to babies just to put them in hats like that!

Like my Hat Baby

And dapper little guys like these just make me melt!!  What a cutie!

Ladybug Hat Baby

Sweetie with a sweet smile – aren’t you glad knit baby hats have made a major comeback… with such cute little twists!

Kitty Cat Hat

Speaking of adorable knit baby hats… cute as kitten!

Grinning Baby in a Hat

Or maybe a sweet little lamb <3

Exhausted in a Hat

The ever-popular owl on the ever-perfect newborn (it’s okay, give the happy sigh!!)

Fall Leaf Baby with White Hat

So cute – matching hat and diaper cover <3

Flower Hat Baby

And something so timeless about a toddler in a hat… a sweet picture of the strong woman she will become.

Frog Hat Baby

Baby + Frog Hat = Grin

Giraffe Baby

Or how about a giraffe hat – yep, that one equals a laugh 😉

Gray and Pink Hatted Baby

More awwwwws

Excited in a Hat Baby

Isn’t this little guy so adorably ready to go out on a snowy day?!

Daddy's Straw Hat Baby

I have a thing for fedoras too, especially when they’re on babies (which I also love… as you can probably tell)

Cute Cowboy in Straw

Little cowboy – be still my cowgirl heart!

Colorful Hat Babe

Chunky stripes and chubby babies!

Bunny Baby


Brown and White Looks Great on Me

So sweet!

Baby of the Blue Hat

I wish I had one of these for my little guys!

Baby Long Hat

Honestly, this little guy is the one that made my week.  What a beautiful smile (and, of course, such a fun hat)

Baby in Bear Ear Hat

The hat is cute but look at those sweet pouty lips!

All Bundeled Up


Winter Wonderbaby

Another awwwww! Please.

Why am I in a hat?

Not sure if she’s headed for the sledding hill or for jazzercise but she’s adorable whichever way she goes!

What's this on my head?

Newborn innocence!

Watermelon Hat Baby

Strawberry shortcake!!  Squeeee!

Warm, Sleepy Baby with a Cute Hat

Looks like he belongs in the Shire <3

Warm Hooded Little One

Stunning little one!

Warm, Baby on a Blanket

What a sweet little one in such a classic shot.

Sweet Little Girl with a Headband

I put this one here in honor of Cassidy, my oldest, because she loves huge bows on babies.  They’re not my thing, but in case they get your oxytocin flowing, this little sweetie is here for you 😉

Shocked Baby in a Pink Hat

This gal has what it takes to make anyone crack a smile!

Sleeping Beauty in a Pink Hat

Another beautiful little one to take your breath away!

Squirrel Baby

Can I get yet another awwww?

Straw Hat Tot

Too cute!

Summer Hat Baby

Just love that hat!!

Sheperd Baby

Okay, this one is just too sweet.  Yep… love it!

Puppy Dog Baby


Pretty in Purple Baby

Oh the adorable little lady in purple.  Again, be still my heart <3 <3 <3

Pretty in Pink

And this little gal is for all of you who go gaga over the pink ladies 😉

Pom-Pom Baby

So. Very. Cute.!!

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