Bathtime Babies!

Baby surprised at spashes in the bath

Splish, splash – there's something so cute about baby in a bath! Enjoy the pictures 🙂  Giving baby his or her first bath is one of the milestones of parenthood – and a relaxing bath stays a major part of many babies' bedtime routine for many years.

Of course, bathtime brings more than just relaxation – the photo ops are tons of fun too.  From newborns to bouncing babes, this gallery features a lot of little ones having a splash!

Newborn girl peeking out of her tub

This bright-eyed newborn is wide awake and full of trust as she has a chance to experience bathtime.  Baths can relax a baby help him or her get to sleep, but a bath is also a good way to get a sleepy newborn more alert for a feeding.

Gently rinsing a newborn with a cup

Even before you begin to give your newborn a bath in the baby tub (or sink), you can use a simple cup or beaker to rinse baby.  Warm water is enough to rinse away milk that tends to dry behind ears and in the folds of your baby's neck.  Save soap for every once in awhile.

Newborn bath right after cord fell off

Experts differ in opinion on when you can start bathing baby in the tub – many advise waiting for the umbilical cord to come off but some feel it isn't necessary.  This little babe is having a relaxing splash shortly after the cord fell off.

Baby gets a sink bath

Sink baths are not only convenient with baby right at your height, they make for class photographs you'll treasure for years!

Precious newborn in the bath

I wonder if this precious newbie thinks he's still in the womb?  You can gently support your newborn's head, as this dad is doing, and let his or her body float gently in the water if your baby enjoys that!

Little babe playing with rubber ducky

Inquisitive babies love a splash in the bath, and it doesn't take them long to get interested in bathtime toys!  Give your baby a chance to play and experiment in the tub!

Baby plays with his bath toys

This little guy is just to the point where he's interested in bath toys – and he's really intent on checking this one out!  Again, gentle support for baby's head and shoulders gives him a chance to float freely and exercise hips and muscles.

Baby splashing in the bath outside

This is a classic picture – baby in a tub on the back deck!  When the weather warms up this is a great way for you to let baby cool off and play while you enjoy the day from a deck chair beside him 🙂

Baby peeks out of the tub

This newborn is getting stronger and able to hold his head up during bathtime – the bath is a great time for all of baby's developing motor skills to get a workout.  When baby is tired, you can help him or her float for a bit.

Baby not happy with bath

Sometimes babies don't like baths, and that's okay!  This little guy isn't very happy, but a warm bath can still be part of a bedtime routine that helps him understand it's time to wind down.  Just make it short, or try a quick sponge bath, if your babe doesn't care for the tub. Some babies like getting into a shallow tub with you from time to time 🙂

Toddler grins in the bathtub

Gorgeous little toddler enjoys her bathtime!

Little one splashing in the tub

Splashing provides infinite fascination from the very first “accidental” splash up through the boat-tipping waves of toddlerhood.  Water play is a great time to experiment with cause and effect and teaches your baby a lot.

This newborn isn't too sure of his bath

Sweet newborn grimace – this little one isn't too sure of the bath.  Give your baby a few minutes to see if he or she settles in.  Remember that a sponge bath or quick bath is a good alternative, but you can keep trying a full bath until your baby adjusts and begins to enjoy it.

Little guy enjoys his bath

This laid-back little guy is enjoying his bath.  A sink-top tub like this one helps ease your back – and it gives baby support before he's sitting up on his own.

Mama washes her baby

Bathtime is a great bonding time – this little girl is intent on mama.  Eye-contact and connection with a wide-awake and aware baby is really beneficial.  It's also nice to spend some time skin-to-skin after the bath.  Even full-term or older babies benefit from being skin-to-skin from time to time.

Happy little infant splashes in the tub

Another baby explore splashing!  Give your little one some time to splash and explore before you add the soap – and remember that warm water is plenty to get baby clean.  Soap can come once a week or so.

Baby girl kicks in the bathtub

Once baby can sit up, bathtime becomes even more fun!  Stand next to your baby so you can provide support as she kicks – sometimes baby gets too enthusiastic and a kick sends them over 😉

Grinning baby in bubble bath

Baby-safe bubbles are fun when your baby is bigger.  Too often will dry out your baby's skin, but bubbly fun from time to time isn't just fun – it's great play for your baby's brain!

Baby girl is excited about bathtime!

This little lady is enjoying floating, playing, and bonding with gentle support from Daddy.  Bathtime is a good time for Daddy to take center stage, especially if Mama is in charge of most of the day-to-day care.

Dipping newborn down into the bath

Keeping your newborn partially covered in a warm bath can help maintain body temperature – just keep the cloth warm, too.  You may want to turn up the heat in the bathroom for a little while baby is bathing – warm summertime temps are good.  If baby seems chilled, take him or her out of the bath and put them skin-to-skin on your chest under a towel.  Both Mama and Daddy's bodies will quickly adjust baby's temperature and ward off the chills.

Cute little guy looks over his tub

Give your baby time to explore the world and enjoy bathtimes!

Beautiful baby boy at bathtime

Curious babies love this time, especially when they're able to turn and move in the tub, experimenting with how their body feels in water!

Chubby baby plays in the tub

A few bath toys, a warm tub, and a chair nearby can spell a great break for a tired mama.  Fussy babies or toddlers often love the tub, and you can pull up a chair and sit nearby – while you enjoy a few minutes of peace!

Baby looking on in wonder during bath

Another alert newborn takes advantage of the bonding time bathtime brings!

Baby surprised at spashes in the bath

This is one of my favorite pictures – little guy surprised by a big splash!  Once your baby is more active, have someone stand ready for bathtime cameos.

Baby girl plays in the water

Remember that gentle head and neck support give your baby freedom to kick and move in the bath.  Try supporting your baby with one hand and use a cup to pour warm water over your baby with the other hand – she'll enjoy the new sensation and it helps get her used to rinsing!

Baby in a washtub

Bathtime in an old-fashioned washtub makes a great, classic photo!

Baby chewing on rubber ducky

Keep the water levels low to let baby kick and splash independently in the tub.

Happy baby splashes outside

Another outdoor fun day!

Bath time friends

Of course, bathtime is always more fun when you have friends!

Baby surprised at spashes in the bath

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