BBL 004: Keeping Up with it All While Parenting… and How to Survive Morning Sickness

This episode covers a couple of important topics — first, how to survive and even overcome morning sickness. After six pregnancies, I've finally had a great first trimester, and I spill the most important secrets in this episode.

Then I cover a burning question for parents everywhere — how do you manage to keep up with it all while parenting young children? I get asked what my secret is quite a bit and I'll admit I don't always have it all together 😉 But some tried and true strategies help me keep on top of life and even sneak in some of my own projects. I share what helps me keep track of my family, squeeze in some podcasting, and enjoy life with little ones.

In this episode I cover:

  • A vital nutrient everyone is telling you not to eat (and why you should ignore them)
  • Why diet is a key to helping you survive the first trimester
  • Which B-Vitamins really make a difference with morning sickness
  • Why a routine is good for little ones… and for mommies
  • A key to fitting in those little projects you really want to get done
  • Tools vital to juggling parenting, household care, and everything else you need to take care of!
  • How to when it's time to stop — and why it's OK to take a break

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

This was a great episode because I got to share two topics that I've had a lot of personal experience with! I would love to get your feedback on this episode; let me know what kind of topics you want me to cover… and let me know who you'd like me to interview 😀

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