BBL 019: Pregnancy Diet Made Easy

Eat food, grow baby. It seems so simple – but the reality is that a nourishing pregnancy diet can be confusing. Conflicting advice, various choices, and disagreement among “professionals” makes things, well, complicated. The good news is, good pregnancy diet doesn’t have to be tough – and the best news is a proven, healthy prenatal diet does exist. This podcast covers the basics!

This podcast is actually a recording of one of my recent online childbirth class sessions. The last month and a half have been some of the roughest in my life will illness, injury, and lots of unexpected events. I’ve missed one podcast and didn’t want to miss another – so enjoy the “class” and I will hopefully be back with live episodes and interviews soon!

In this episode I cover:

  • Why pregnancy diet is really simple (but not too simple)
  • How “300 extra calories a day” shortchanges you… and your baby
  • The wisdom of “Every Mother Wants a Healthy Baby”
  • How to handle great prenatal nutrition, even on a budget (and even when you’re busy)
  • Why calories don’t count (unless they’re processed)
  • I’m not knocking veggies… but this is more important
  • The importance of dairy, seafood, eggs, and meat in a pregnancy diet
  • The real scoop on protein, salt, and fat in your diet
  • Will the real pregnancy super foods please stand up?
  • Getting the most from your grains (and why beans are a best friend)
  • The most important message you can get about your pregnancy diet

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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