BBL 040: Handling Picky Eaters & Feeding Trouble

Picky Eaters and Feeding Problems

Starting solids can be really exciting, but also a little stressful. What do you do if your baby (or toddler) seems picky? How can you tell if things are going smoothly? What do you do if you think your baby isn’t eating well? All those issues and more are covered in this weeks episode!

In this episode I cover:

  • Tips and guidelines for picky eaters
  • When to be okay with a picky eater (and when to be firm)
  • Avoiding pickiness – and avoiding “forcing” food
  • Our story of a developmental feeding problem
  • How to tell if your baby has feeding problems
  • Why a kitchen timer may be the best purchase you make
  • Mommy tips to get your baby eating
  • How to help your baby gain weight

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

  • [raw]Gut and Psychology Syndrome[/raw]
  • [raw]Oral Vibrating Brush[/raw] (this is what our therapist used with Galen)
  • [raw]Fingertip Toothbrush[/raw] (This is what she sent home with us)
  • [raw]Chewy Tubes[/raw] – all of my babies have loved these, especially the yellow and green ones
  • [raw]Plastic Medicine Cups[/raw] – very useful if your baby is only taking tiny amounts at first, and/or if you need to measure how much baby is eating.
  • Kitchen Timer – it doesn’t matter what kind you get, any will work!

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