BBL 061: How to Clean Your House (Even When Kids Live In It)

How to Clean Your House Even When Kids Live In It

Can a house with kids living in it be clean? Can you keep up with the housework and stay sane? It's possible! This episode covers what to do… and how to do it.

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • When (and how) you should adjust your expectations
  • How to decide what really matters
  • Why you need to let go of some stuff (even if that's tough)
  • Corralling the kid clutter
  • The secret keeps your kids interested in their toys (and keeps them in great shape)
  • How to handle the laundry monster
  • Tips for streamlining the kitchen
  • Use this simple tool to end afternoon tears and get everyone helping with cleanup
  • When to do those occasional chores that really make the house feel clean

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How to Clean Your House Even When Kids Live In It

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Kristen is a wife and a mama to 8 - all born naturally! She has spent years helping mamas have healthy babies, give birth naturally, and enjoy the adventure of motherhood. Find her on her website and helping families through her online childbirth class

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