BBL 062: Sadie's Birth Story | Natural Birth and Baby

BBL 062: Sadie’s Birth Story

Sadie's Birth Story

Sadie Grace was born at home just a few weeks ago! I share some memorable parts of my pregnancy with Sadie, as well as her beautiful birth story, in today's podcast!

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Why I didn't announce I was pregnant on the podcast (!!!)
  • What it was like going “ultrasound free” during this pregnancy
  • How I bonded with Sadie before she was born
  • She's my 7th baby – and I still didn't realize “this is it” when labor started!
  • Why I should have called the midwives earlier
  • How I was able to laugh right up to the point Sadie was born 🙂
  • Birthing a stubborn placenta
  • Why I wouldn't change a thing!

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Items mentioned in this podcast:

  • . – my online birthing classes
  • [raw]The fetoscope I used to find Sadie's heartbeat[/raw]
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