BBL 172: The Best Birth Positions to Catch Your Own Baby

Have you ever considered catching your own baby? While it may sound impossible, it’s one of the most awesome feelings a mama can experience - I have caught my last five babies and treasure those timeless moments. Listen in to today’s episode as I describe why you should catch your own baby - and how you can make it happen!

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Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Why you should consider catching your own baby
  • How catching your own baby works - at home or hospital!
  • My experiences with my babies (plus my best tips for you)
  • My #1 favorite position for catching babies
  • This gentle position helps prevent tearing
  • Why you might give birth standing (and how to catch your baby if you do)
  • Worried you’re pushing too soon? This is the perfect position
  • Other positions to consider
  • Catching your own baby if you’re birthing at the hospital
  • How to talk to your care provider about catching your own baby

Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast

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