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Out of all the benefits of cloth diapers…

…cute prints are my favorite! I was thrilled to get the chance to test Best Bottom Diapers – especially since they're totally adorable. Cute prints aren't the only thing to like about this fluff, though – they're trim, absorbent, and easy to care for.

I think fluffy little cloth diapered bums are really cute, but since we also use part-time elimination communication, I like having diapers that are really trim. In fact, I go for the “barely-there” diaper every time. It's hard to get that with cloth, because you need something to absorb – but Best Bottoms get really trim without sacrificing absorbency.


I oped to get the hemp/organic cotton liners, but Nicki's Diapers (the maker of Best Bottom) also offer microfiber stay-dry inserts. Again, because we EC, I don't really want stay-dry (I want my babies to stay aware of wetness – and even complain about it), though stay-dry liners for nighttime diapering sound like a great idea. If I were preparing for a new baby I'd probably pick some liners for that reason (I'd give their Overnight insert a try, too – it's meant to pair with a regular insert). Check out all the inserts here.

Here are some of the reasons we really liked the Best Bottom set we tried:

Snap On, Snap Off


I am a big fan of All-in-Two (AI2) diapers. They're super easy to clean, and they're very versatile. The insert can be swapped out and you can continue to use the cover (if it hasn't been soiled) until washday. I actually like to swap between 2-3 covers to let them air out, but I like not having to dump the cover after every use. A pocket diaper is nice in theory (because it has the stay-dry layer), but many families end up needing extra inserts on top of the stay-dry. And if you want baby to feel the wet, it makes sense to go with the AI2.

AI2's also have a huge benefit in the washing machine – they wash well because all pieces are agitated separately – and they dry fast because, again, each piece is separate. This helps if you're line drying, too – both sides of the insert are flapping in the sun, which helps remove stains (sunlight is great for removing stains from diapers).


The BestBottom diapers can snap in on both sides of the cover, which is really nice. It keeps the inserts where they are supposed to be! And, if you need to keep diapers ready for Daddy, daycare, church/synagogue nursery, etc., you can have inserts pre-snapped into covers so they're ready to go 😀

The 2-sided snap is also really nice if you use elimination-communication, because you can unfasten the diaper and let it flap back out of the way (when you hold baby over the potty place) without things falling everywhere. That's really helpful!


Snaps or Hook & Loop

My strong preference is for cloth diapers to have snaps. Snaps don't get stuck together in the washer, and they don't get snagged on the fabric and cause unsightly runs or pills in the fabric. So I was really happy that Best Bottom diapers come with snaps!

If you have a preference for hook & loop, though, you can get all the covers with those. I have liked hook & loop for my newborns, but if I were to pick again, I'd get snaps just so the diapers stay nice for multiple babies 😉 And snaps make it easy to customize size for your baby's particular shape!

Standing Up to Wetness!

I try to keep Sadie dry most of the time (I don't want her to get used to feeling wet), but sometimes life just gets busy… and the last thing I need in those moments is a leaking diaper!

I purposefully kept busy with projects around the house (I'm sure your project list is never-ending, too) for a couple of hours, letting Sadie play without offer any potty chances or a diaper change because I wanted to test the limits of the Best Bottom liners.

Sadie was soggy (the insert was saturated and heavy), but not leaking, when I finally settled her down for a diaper change (and a potty visit)!



The cover for this diaper system has double-gussets. I did not give Sadie the chance to try the power of the double-gussets (I'm not willing to change a poopy diaper, even for the sake of a review, unless it happens by accident!). Double-gussets, however, are really good at containing poop messes.

This is especially true for your young babies who are still having exclusive-breastfeeding (or mostly breastfeeding) poops, which are often thinner and runny. They can get super-explosive, and those gussets can save you. It has been rare for me to ever have a poopy cloth diaper leak because they are designed for containment 😉 With the quality of the gussets on the Best Bottom, I think they'd hold everything in, too 🙂

Trim and Adjustable!

Like I said above, I love how trim these diapers are. There is a huge difference between the Best Bottom diapers and our usually diapers. They're really trim and as a beginning walker, I can see how she's able to move more comfortably in the Best Bottom. I also like where the rise comes to on her belly – I could probably go up to full size with the diaper, but I like having it sized on down one on her so the diaper is more out of her way.


The covers are fully adjustable, so you can resize for even a newborn. They're not going to get quite as small as newborn diapers, but if you don't want to (or can't afford) to splurge on a full set of newborn diapers that see 4 weeks of use, you can definitely get these small and comfy for your newbie. I like how soft the fabric it, too. I would definitely feel comfortable using these against a newborn's skin.

You do need different sized inserts for your baby as he/she grows. We got the large inserts for Sadie. I think we could have probably gotten by with a medium, and these larges will definitely last until potty training. I like the different sizes of the inserts, which mean that the diapers will fit without lots of excess bulk. And the covers adjust so you can use those from birth until potty training.


Made in America – and Affordable

Many families want to buy diapers made in America – doing so often directly supports other American mamas and families! Best Bottom diapers are all made in the USA…

…and unlike many other diapers made domestically, it's affordable to buy what you need. Nicki's Diapers does sell covers and inserts on a per cover/per insert basis, but the best value is in their packages. You can get a Large package with Nine covers and 24 inserts for the same price you'd pay for that number of “China cheapies” diapers.

I have been cloth diapering for 15 years and I have got to say that I'm really impressed with that pricing on high-quality, American-made diapers. That's enough diapers to comfortably wash every couple of days (my preference). There are also great packages with fewer inserts/covers if you need to budget and can wash a little more often while you save. Or save throughout your pregnancy. (Click here for the Small package and Click here for the Medium package)


You will need to buy medium/large inserts as your baby grows, but the inserts are inexpensive and you get a discount when you buy those in bulk, too. So you could save for a couple of months after you get diapers for your newborn and have enough to last until potty training. Nicki's also has a “Complete” package with 18 inserts of every size, as well as Overnight inserts in each size – another great value. They do cost more than covers and flats (a good choice if you're on a very tight budget), but they are an excellent value for an AI2 system, and I would pick AI2's over pocket diapers or covers and prefolds at this point 🙂

It makes me want to go out and buy a package (did I mention the prints are super-cute, too… and they have matching leg warmers and swaddle blankets – too cute!!). Maybe if there's another baby in our future 😉

I'm thrilled that Nicki's shared their Best Bottom diapers with me and feel confident in recommending them. Nicki's includes lots of helpful information if you're new to cloth diapering, too – you'll feel confident caring for your Best Bottoms – and you're baby's precious bottom, too 😉

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I did receive a cover and two inserts for Sadie and I to review, and I get a small commission if you decide to order some Best Bottom diapers for your little one – thank you for supporting NBBC and our family!

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