Birth Center for Haiti: Ninotte’s Mission

Check out this quick video where I talk to Ninotte Lubin, a midwife working to bring a birth center for Haitian women and families. This will be the first Haitian woman-owned birth center. Ninotte has had land donated and now needs funds to build the birth center, so she’s sharing sharing her vision for Grace Community Birth Center and what it can do for the people of Haiti.

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You can donate to Ninotte’s project and follow updates at Grace Community Birth Center’s website here:

Click Here to Donate to Grace Community Birth Center

The midwife I assist has been active in helping Ninotte since 2011, and I’m blessed that she put together an amazing fundraiser for Ninotte yesterday with lots of Haitian foods, live music, and of course Ninotte sharing her vision and excitement! It’s incredible to think that so many have come together to support this – the local community in Haiti, the man that donated the land and other Haitian men who have had it put on their heart to help women, children, and families there – along with many, many local Haitian people. A supporter has pledged to help fund the drilling of a well (which will also directly support a Haitian family business that will do the work!).

Right now Ninotte is working to get the first facility built – a center to begin education vitally needed in the community. They’ll help young people understand how to better prepare for a family (understanding conception and contraception) as well as offering information on prenatal care and how to stay healthier – and give babies a better start! Then they’ll begin working on the birth center, where women can receive prenatal care and come to have their babies. Most women in Haiti birth at home, but have no understanding of good prenatal care or what it takes to prepare for a safe birth. Ninotte’s mission is to help these women understand how to have a healthy pregnancy, and to give a clean, safe space for women and families to welcome their families into the world.

She is doing amazing work and has worked incredibly hard to prepare herself and to change the world for the women around her now – and the babies who make up the next generation. Again, please support her vital project here:

Click Here to Donate to Grace Community Birth Center

Ninotte Birth Center

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